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  1. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    A local card shop is having a Type 1 Commons-Only tournament on Saturday, so I've tried out a few deck archetypes and have come up with the following sligh deck.

    2 Battering Craghorn
    3 Fireblast
    4 Ghitu Slinger
    1 Goblin Patrol
    2 Goblin Taskmasker
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Mogg Conscripts
    4 Mogg Fanatic
    2 Mogg Flunkies (don't have any at the moment, may be replaced with Skirk Marauders)
    4 Raging Goblin
    4 Shock
    3 Skirk Commando
    3 Sparksmith
    4 Suq-Ata Lancer
    17 Mountain

    Completely Untested Sideboard:
    4 Red Elemental Blast
    3 Keeper of Kookus
    3 Incinerate
    2 Seething Anger (takes down Blastoderms)
    2 Swirling Sandstorm (same)
    1 Mountain Yeti (lol)

    It plays like one would expect a fast red deck should, except without all the rare finishers I don't have access to, which means it takes a little more time to punch through during the mid-game. With the few decks I've tested it against, the only card that wrecks this deck is Blastoderm.

    Does anyone have any idea what the metagame for an all-commons tournament will be? I expect to see mostly creature decks, is there anything else I should test this against besides elves, green stompy, white weenie, black suicide/control? Any nice ways of dealing with Blastoderm and the like? Any cards I am forgetting or should take out of this?
  2. Troll Dr. Satan

    If you think you're going to see a lot of Blasty, why not add a Wall of Stone? Stops most creatures in their tracks.
  3. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Wall of stone didn't come up as common Troll... would've been nice though...

    clay statues- regenerate
    coiled tinvipers- first strike
    feldon's cane - never hurts to get cards in the gy back
    fountain of youth- life gain
    wall of spears - 2/3 first strike for 3?!!!...

    furious assault- damage just for playing a creature spell
    goblin war drums- make your guys unblockable

    blistering barrier - 5/2 blocker for 3 mana
    burning shield askari - flanking and first strike

    canyon wildcat - 2/1 mtn.walk
    defender of chaos - pro white, instant speed
    desert - land damage
    balduvian trading post - land damage
    shivan gorge - land damage...
    ember beast - 3/4 for 3 mana...
    flamewave invoker - 5 to the head...

    wall of heat - 2/6 for 3...
    Ghitu Slinger - shock and a 2/2 - clears the way for attackers...
    Goblin lookout - sac a goblin - all others get +2/+0
    mogg flunkies - 2 mana 3/3
    mountian yeti - 3/3 mtnwalk, pro white
    rukh egg - 0/3 and 4/4 flyer - common in AN...

    Wall of earth - 2 mana 0/6

  4. John`O Coach

    Do stop blasty, race it

    I'd either go

    4 Raging Goblin
    4 Mogg Conscripts
    4 Goblin Patrol
    2 Goblin Sledder
    4 Mogg Fanatic
    4 Mogg Flunky
    4 Sparksmith
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Shock
    4 Incinerate
    4 Fireblast
    18 Mountain


    4 Raging Goblin
    4 Mogg Conscripts
    4 Goblin Patrol
    4 Goblin Sledder
    4 Goblin Grappler
    4 Mogg Fanatic
    4 Mogg Flunky
    4 Sparksmith
    2 Goblin Raider
    4 Song of Blood
    4 Lightning Bolt
    18 Mountain

    maybe reckless charge would be good as well?

    but you might find that other people will be playing
    decks mainly designed to beat goblins!

  5. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    The one way I've always won w/ Speed Red decks is to not worry about the mid-game. Usually the game is over by then (for either me or my opponent). A good red deck can win in under ten minutes - or lose a little faster...


    "Simplicity and Pain all in one"
  6. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I was beginning to think the same thing about Blastoderm (after coming to the realization that there are no good answers except killing Blasty through its controller).

    I'll test out John'O's builds and see how well those do. Thanks!
  7. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    not sure about the metagame... but...

    watch out for burn. it can be your biggest nightmare as it can kill with all commons

    Well instead of running your sligh deck, here is what i would run....

    Common burn

    creatures {12}
    4 mogg fanatic
    4 raging goblin
    4 goblin patrol

    sorceries/enchantment burn {16}
    4 scent of cinder
    4 seal of fire
    4 reckless abandon (edit: Actually, all your creatures are goblin... so use goblin grenade)
    4 reckless charge

    instant burn {16}
    4 lightning bolt
    4 shock
    4 chain lightning (expensive, but still common)
    4 incinerate

    mana source {17}
    1 lotus petal
    14 mountain
    2 maze of ith (expensive, but still common according to apprentice)

    sideboard {15}
    4 REB
    2 keeper of kookus (mirror match)
    2 defender of chaos
    1 tormods crypt (for threshhold kill/Flashback)
    3 wall of diffusion (white weenie)
    3 wall of earth (1R: 0/6 wall.. and what about blastoderm?)

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