Alf's Blue one, que tal ?

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Alf the White, Aug 27, 2000.

  1. Alf the White New Member

    Here is my blue on:

    20 Island

    4 Chameleon Spirit
    4 Air Elemental
    4 Darting Merfolk
    2 Stringing Barrier
    2 Air Wall
    4 Spiketail hatchling
    1 Diplomatic Escort
    1 Overtaker
    1 Waterfront Bouncer
    1 Stronghold Machinist

    4 Rhystic Study
    1 Overburden
    1 Coastal Piracy
    1 Dominate
    2 Counterspell
    1 Flotabilidad
    1 Flight
    1 Diplomatic Immunity
    2 Alexi's Cloak
    1 Cloak of Mists
    1 Windfall

    Move fast my deck whit Rhystic Study.

    Stop whit my walls and Darting Merfolk seve them back to my hand, Hit hard whit my spirits */* and give to them protection and avility of flight.

    Cut some danger spell and if i have time take his creature and back the strike.

    I am dreaming or swimming ?
  2. krichaiushii New Member

    Okay, normally I am pretty good at guessing card titles, but what is Flotabilidad? Is this Levitation (all creatures gain flying)?

    If your goal is to win via a super-enchanted creature, why not play with the Metathran Elite, and more copies of your assorted creature enchantments?

    I would think that Chameleon Spirit is better in a multiplayer deck. Wall of Air, too. There are better flying creatures out there, and you are better of with a defense that can attack, so maybe replace the Walls of Air with creatures that have a larger toughness, than power, like Azure Drake or Ghost Ship. Both are 2/4, both fly, and the Ghost Ship regenerates for UUU. Just some thoughts.
  3. Alf the White New Member

    Flotabilidad is Buoyancy
  4. Ristik New Member

    If you want a big flying blocker, why not Fog Bank? I know t's not big-powered, but it can block anything, and only direct removal can torch it!
  5. Alf the White New Member

    Yes but i am train to use only the block of Mascara. I will put some changes in this deck and put it again to yous sugestions.

    I have a lot of blue cards. I have to do something whit thems.
  6. Thrash Golem New Member

    if a child of gaea attacks, u block with a fog bank u take all 7 trample damage.

    try wall of vapor, damage dealt to it is reduced to 0
  7. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Fog Bank is assigned 2 damage, with is reduced to zero. Only 5 damage tramples through.

    And it can't block anything. It won't stop a creature with Fear or Seeker.

    I think Fear and Bury should be added/returned to Magic's vocabulary. I hate the muy verbose "can not be blocked except by artifact and/or black creatures." and "destroy target ~thingiemabob~. It can not be regenerated."

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