Aftermath (red)

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  1. Archon Overlord

    x20 Mountain

    x2 Akki Coalflinger
    x4 Wall of Stone
    x4 Brother's Yamazaki
    x4 Ronin Houndmaster
    x2 Wildfire Emissary
    x1 Kumano, Master Yamabushi
    x1 Fire Elemental
    x1 Shivan Phoenix
    x1 Excruciator

    x4 Pyrite Spellbomb
    x4 Guerrilla Tactics
    x4 No-Dachi
    x4 Yamabushi's Flame
    x4 Lightning Blast

    x4 Crushing Pain
    x2 Dragon Claw
    x2 Kusari-Gama
    x2 Cleansing Beam
    x1 Ronin Cavekeeper
    x1 Iron-Brabed Hellion
    x3 Searing Wind

    Burn them... burn them all!
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Cool deck. Again I think that 20 lands isn't enough, especially when you are playing with cards that don't mind it if you have mana to spare (Wildfire Emissary, Kumano, No-Dachi, Excruciator). Perhaps you could add some cycle lands like Forgotten Cave?

    I notice that you have 14 creatures with a converted casting cost three; you might improve the deck by putting a couple of two-drops in the deck. Battle-Mad Ronin comes to mind (which works nice with No-Dachi).

    Hopes this helps!
  3. jorael Craptacular!

    Burn baby burn!

    I'd drop those walls of stone. They don't burn anything... Instead I would play some other creature. Then you would have 20 creature that can swing with a no-dashi. Instead of the equipment you could also use something like Captive Flame: in a mono-red deck it's brutal :D

    If you can get then, Mogg Fanatic is a good one mana creature. You can sacrifice it to kill random small creatures. I would add these to replace some of the more expensive burn cards.
  4. Jareth Goblin King Grinning Lavamancer

    I agree with Limited, a good two-drop would be Hearth Kami. If nothing else he gets rid of artifacts
  5. KingAlanI New Member

    Interesting Burn deck...I had a Burn deck that combined that opponent-annoyance device, combined with the opponent-annoyance device of Land Destruction. :D

    I see Lightning Blast, but not 'classic' burn cards such as Shock and Lightning Bolt
  6. Archon Overlord

    It's the cards I got.

    I like the Yamabushi's Fbecause my friend uses a bunch of low powered things with fear. Since he can revive them, I remove them from the game.

    I love my Walls of Stone. They save my but from ground attackers, giving me time to get my burns drawn.

    Then, there's discard. Guerrilla tactics comes in a fun way there.

    I've done the Ronin+No-Dachi thing. Very good, but the Ronins are currently in another deck.

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