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Advice on selling cards for max profit?



Ok so this may be the wrong forum for this type of thing and if it is I appologize.
Anyway, I used to play Magic quite a bit and built up a somewhat extensive collection of cards of varying rarities and expansions. I stopped playing for a while, and I don't plan on starting up again, and as I am now strapped for cash I'm looking to sell off my collection.
I'm looking for advice as to how I should go about doing this in order to get the most profit I can out of my cards.
Should I sell the more rare cards individually on ebay? If so, do I then just sell off the rest of the collection on ebay as well or try and find someone locally to buy it?
Is there some other forum or website where I am more likely to get a better deal for either the individual rares or the collection as a whole than I would at ebay? (I know this one doesn't allow the sale of cards)
I'd apprecate any advise anyone could give me.

NOTE: I'm not trying to sell my cards through this forum, only trying to get advice on how best to do it. If this is stil lagainst the rules, i guess the mods can lock/delete this.

Once again, if this is not the appropriate place for this I appologize.

Thanks a lot.


Staff member
This is a fine place for it.

I've never done anything like what you propose, but if you're talking max profit, you'll probably do better to sell cards individually. It'll take more time, but you can get more money than if you package it as your collection and all (of course, without the rares, the rest of your collection isn't going to be wirth as much, but then, who pays a lot for uncommons/commons anyway?).


Thanks for the advice, I was thinking along those lines too.

Here's another question if anyone has any ideas:

I have a couple rares of which i have more than one copy (for example, I have 4 Serra Avatars, one of which is Foil).

If i was to sell those on ebay or similarly, do you think i'd be better off selling them as a set of 4, in 2s, or just seperately?



Advice on selling items for their maximum profitable price? I could write you a book, but I'll only share with you one of my secrets: Don't piss off the customers.

Reverend Love

Ebay. You'll almost always get the average going rate, and you'll expose your cards to huge customer base. Another plus is you'll move your items as quick or slow as you want.


1. Use the buy it now or list the item price high market, it'll just drive people away and cost you money in the process

2. Don't charge to much for shipping, as some customers (myself included) won't even bid if your shipping is unreasonable.

3. Ship late, nothing will piss people off faster then being a lazy seller.


1. Include pictures in your auctions. You'll get a higher price then if you had not, AND the customer knows exactly what they're buying.

2. Give precise payment and shipping details. Lay down the standard for receipt of payment deadlines and, the form in which you will be paid.

3. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE! 90% of Ebayers are reasonable people and are willing to listen, if you take the time to communicate.