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  1. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    This is not an rpg,I repeate not an rpg.Like the name suggests,just add to the story.You can submit as much or little as you like.the only thing i ask is that you don't turn the story in a new direction with only a few words,or just one line.Please disable your sig when posting.

    Ridley finds himself on the beach,and panics "I'm out of the water".After a second or two he rembers what has happened.The lords had transformed him to complete the mission.A magical sickness has infected his merfolk village,and he has one week to find a cure.He was told the answers he seeks will be found in the kingdom of Notsu which is about one days journey to the north.Equiped with leather armor,a trident,a weighted net,and a necklace under his armor that stops him from returning to his original form. *(If you need to some minor items can be said to be in pouches on his belt.Ie potions,torches,rope,ect.)*
    Looking down "legs,ugg,well might as well try them out".Ridley getts to his feet,takes a step and stumbles.After a few tries he walks just fine.It is midmorning,and ridley spots a small fishing village down the beach...
  2. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    as ridley walks to the village, he notices a peculiar haze over it. "what is that?" he asks. as he comes closer he notices that it's smoke. "god...can't humans take better care of themselves?" he ponders. As ridley enters the village, he tries to ask several people questions about what's going on. But, they only grunt at him with dissatisfaction. "Will someone please tell me what's going on?"(is this a magic story or what?)he asks. "Look boy, i can see you're not from around here." an old man responds while looking ridley up and down. "no i'm not, i'm traveling on important buiseness for my lord. and i must reach my destination as soon as possible." ridley says as he takes a tighter grip on his trident. " i see, well look here. there was an outbreak of a mysterious plague, and we have taken the liberty to burn the infected people and their houses.""how awful." ridley replies in disgust
  3. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    The stench of burning flesh and the cries of the dieing are too much for Ridley to bear.So he starts off to the north.Ridley thinks to himself,If they can be that horrible to their own I must be carefull what I say to to people.The whole landscape is so different,just then a bird starts to chip.Ridley thinks he has never heard anything so beautiful.What a strange place this is...
  4. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...Ridley looked at the bird. It was beautiful. Its song was a combination of beauty and magic. He looked at it. It flew smoothly like the wind. Ridley stared at it. The bird found a place on a near by tree. It stoped there. It sang, while Ridley listened to the song.

    There was something funny about that bird.
    The more Ridley listened to it, the more it sang; the more it sang, the mre Ridley listened. It was like gravity between the two. Ridley couldn't help but stare at the bird. The more he stared, the more his eyes blured, and for a momment there, Ridley began to see the bird shifting, from a beautiful bird, into an exotic human female. The fact was, the bird, really was shifting. Ridley was speechless. The female the bird transformed to was nothing an eye has seen. The golden, smooth, silky hair was so rare; the wind played it like it was wind itself. Her face was as silent and calm as the moon; she was pretty. Her skin was tanned, as if she had laid in the sun for years, without the sun even buring it. She was anything and everything an eye would want to wander at.

    The female sat at the tree. She was silent, calm, and smiling, at, Ridley. Ridley was over speechless, as the female clmibed down the tree. She walked over to him, shook his hand, forcefully. She talked to him, and he talked to her. He asked her questions about the town, and questions about her. The women was friendly and calm all the time, as if, she had no worries in the universe.

    They walked through the plagued town.

    "I am in a mission, to find a cure...A cure for my people..." Ridley said as he was walking side by side next to the mysterious female. She never told him her name.

    "Well, Ridley, I think I know what you're looking for...The price, however, is too much for you...I don't think that you, alone, could pay it..." the female replied, calm as ever.

    "Do you have it, or do you know where I could find it?" Ridley requestioned a redundant thought.

    "Yes. I can lead you to where it's at. However, you would be risking your life, and all the people of this world, including your own people..." She replied. Ridley almost noticed an evil girn on her face as she said this.

    "I don't understand..." Ridley questioned, trying to be as calm and friendly as possible. He didn't know what to think of this strange lady. As they were walking, Ridley could see that it was getting late, and most people, if there was much, were disappearing. Ridley was calm about it. He thought they were going to thier houses...Or so he thought...

    "If you don't understand, than how are you the chosen one? How did you manage to become the chosen one; to find a cure for your people...Did you think it was going to be an easy task? Or did you think it's one of those games you play and defeat in an instant? You're wrong...You have no idea what awaits those who don't know..."
    the female explained as she was walking. They reached a small, isolated house. A house by itself. It was a big house. Much bigger than the houses he'd seen recently in the town. The day was dark. Ridely could feel the wind blowing hard, he was shivering. It was cold. Moonless night yet a cloudful sky.

    "Enter, Ridely..." the female invites Ridley into the house while she's opening the door with not a key, but with an unknown mechanism.

    Ridley looked into the dark inside of the house as the door opens. He couldn't see a thing.

    "Enter Ridley...What you're looking for is in this hell..." As she say this, the female blows a kiss to Ridley, and disappears. She was gone. Gone like the cold wind Ridley is feeling. Ridley looked at the opened door way...He was hesitated to enter...

  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    ..Come on people, it's much more fun than you think:)...
  6. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Ridley steps in.there is no sound,it is cold here.Thinking he was tricked he turns to the door but it is not there.Everything seems to be in slow motion.Turning to see what is here the only thing he sees is a small shaft of light in the darkness,as he approaches he hears an evil laughter.Falling downward downward it seems to take an eternity.Finally he lands,he had expected to be hurt from the fall but finds himself in a strange foggy area.ahead he sees the woman again,walking toward her he stops at the edge of a pond she is floating above.Well ridley my dear fool you want to save mankind do you.Gaze apon the waters.your path will be revealed,Ridley looks at the water...
  7. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...Ridley stared at the water. He saw nothing. It was too dark. The female has disappeared. Slowly, the water began to glow, right where Ridley was staring at. Slowly, he could see an image. Slowly, the water rippled. It began to ripple faster and faster. Ridley stared in wonder. Ridley could see himself in the water.
    The water rippled, and began to shape. It began to "float"; Ridley's image in the water began to "come out" and become it's own.
    The SHIFT(SORRY FOR THE MISSPELLING:D) was complete. Ridley was surprised. He stared right at a "water" version of himself.

    The water version stood, exactly like Ridley. It was like a mirror. Ridely moved, the image version moved. A mirror. A mirror.

    Ridely didn't know what to do; he was confused. He decide to find out a way to leave, and just as he was turning around, the version moved; it walked fast, it ran into Ridley, and it splashed itself onto Ridley, creating a aura of glowing hydro magic. Ridley felt light. He felt like a ghost. He walked, but he didn't want to walk. A force with in him controled the walking. Ridley walked, forcefully into the pond. He didn't sink. He was "part" of the water. He felt as if he could control the whole pond, which was too deep to understand...Ridley swimmed in the pond, trying to cross to the otherside of the pond. He swam, and a voice within him told him something:

    "you must find the fire screen...Obtain it...Become it...Interact...Become one with...Feel it...See it...Control it...Be it..."

    Ridley swam, wondering about the thought, and where it had came from. He finally reached the other side of the pond...

    He got out, only to find...

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  8. EricBess Active Member

    The woman was back,

    "Ridley, I will give you one last chance to turn back." He began to respond that he couldn't, but she continued, "Wait...hear me out.

    "Ahead lies the Field of Shadows. In it, worlds combine and separate within the mist. The lake has told you what you seek, but it will not be that easy,

    "The Field of Shadows will progress you toward your goal through a series of lands. Each of these lands will be interconnected, and yet each will be completely different from the last. Each land will contain its own dangers, yet there will be something that you will need from each land in order to continue your quest.

    "Should you fail in any land, that land and all that surround it will be destroyed. It is the nature of the Field of Shadows that you will always be conected to lands adjacent to your own. Fail, therefore, and all of your people will die immediately.

    "The lake has given you a gift. The gift of the lake should not be taken lightly. If you go back to the lake, you can swim down to your people and turn back from this quest. The plague will end if you return, but only a handful of your people will be spared.

    "The time has come to make your choice."

    A swirling in the air in front of him solidified into a portal. The woman began shrinking until she retook the shape of the bird. She then flew off and left him between the pool and the portal.
  9. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    Ridley steped in to the portal. As he entered, he had a feeling inside of him like no other he has ever experienced before. It was like being on fire and freezing at the same time. Yet, it was over in a second, or was that an eternity? As Ridley's eyelids peeled open he saw that he was lying in a swampy terain. He estimated that it was about midnight. In the distance cries were heard and on the trees there was a clearly drawn trail of blood.
  10. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...Ridley could hear the cires of many, but see no one.
    The sky was dark, it was cold. He could still feel the water running though his body.

    He thought of what the women had told him.

    He thinked about it. What's a fire Screen, he thought...
    Interact? Obtain? Feel? Become? Control? Be? He was confused.

    And the several lands he had to go through...
    He knew it was going to be long mission...
    He didn't know what he was looking for...

    Ridley decided that this is the first land.
    He could hear people in pain; cries....loud cries of pain.
    He could feel the pain with in him.
    When it was silence, it was worse...You could feel the PAIN and see blood, in your imagenation. It was a wiered place.

    He saw the blood trail, and decide to follow it until he crosses something of a note. He walked and walked, the noises was getting louds, meaning he was getting closer to whatever was making the cries...

    He walked, and from a far, he could see...
  11. EricBess Active Member

    A small hut, deep within the swamp. The doorway was open and a hobbled old man sat in a small chair, looking at him. Hanging from a post was a lantern and something deep inside him stirred. He knew that the lantern was what he needed here, but he didn't know how he knew that or what it would be used for.

    He also knew that he could not just take it, but it must be given to him willingly.

    "Hello young one," came the grizled voice of the old man, "I have been waiting for you. Come, we must talk."

    Ridley started toward the hut, but realized that the marsh between himself and the hut was filled with snakes.
  12. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    Hundreds of human beings slaughtered as if nothing was wrong. There were some in two pieces...or more. But also there were people put on stakes, beheaded, and also crucified.
    Ridly wondered to himself how people could do this to their own people.
    It is not the humans doing this to each other the voice said.
    "Then who is it?"Ridley asked to the voice that haunted his mind.
    But there was no answer.
    As soon as Ridley started off again he caught something in the shadows. As he approached the form, he noticed that it was shaking...noticeably.
    "Stop where you are man!"The form exclaimed.
    "Im not here to hurt you good sir. I am on a quest to save my people,"Ridley responded.
    "How do i know that you are telling the truth?"the man asked.
    "Have i killed you yet good sir?"Ridley asked the man.
    "Alas, thou have not. But why is it that thee is walking through these desolate forests of thy sacred land?"The man aksed, gaining his composure.
    "I was instructed to explore this land for an artifact known as the fire screen."He replied squating as to not alert the man.
    "WHAT!?What do you mean?That is what the demons are after."the terrifried man screamed.
    "Then i must follow them and capture it. For my people will die shall i not recover this artifact in time."He replied with a steely chill to his voice.
    "Then thee shall guide thou to the place which is guarding the great artifact, my lord. We will leave as it pleases thee my lord."The man replied in his accent.
    "Then we leave now good sire."
    And with that the pair started down the long road, trying not to look at the horror that doth surround them...

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