A very serious Problem.....For Me


I just found out linsivvi, and tylersonfire a.k.a Jason and Tyler are quitting Magic, so have 2 other people in my little magic community including FoR, the former FadingInsomniac, Cardman11, slipknotrulz, and myself. About a year ago i learned MAGIC, and for another 7-8 months our little magic community was bustling. But for the past 4 months or so, no one in our Magic community have been playing games with each other, or doing anything magic related other than selling their cards. And Magic has started to lose its appeal. Plus, plenty of people in our little place, have started losing that drive in Magic. Ive also been spending way too much money. So, I dont know. But quitting Magic seems a very likely possibility for me.


Magic's Bitch
I think Magic is something you have to devote your time to...I feel lost if I don't know what cards are and the different decks, etc...I know that during the school year, I'm really really busy, all the time...I would have rehearsel just about every night of the week...And I get really discouraged when my genius of a boyfriend knows every fricken card and can play the game so well...So that gets me a little discouraged...

But all in all, its a time issue with me...And I'll lose the drive...And I won't want to play when asked...Right now I'm feeling discouraged because I don't know the Prophecy cards...Oh well...


grumpier than ever

You might always feel the surge to come back and then you will regret to have gotten rid of yuor good old ports and Masticores.

Taking a break is ok, but trust me, if you love Magic, 75% chances you'll play again in 1 year or two !!


Protection from Idiots
I stopped playing right after Homelands came out, never thinking I'd play again. Last month I was going to sell my cards, and got to reminscing(sp?), and I'm playing again. It's definately something that you'll probably pick up in the future, no matter how much you think you'll never play again, now.