A reality twisting artifact

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  1. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    Fencejumper's Bauble

    All spells require colorless mana when cast if the caster does the following:
    Sacrifice an island and a swamp for each green mana in its casting cost.
    Sacrifice a swamp and a mountain for each white mana in its casting cost.
    Sacrifice a mountain and a forest for each blue mana in its casting cost.
    Sacrifice a forest and a plains for each black mana in its casting cost.
    Sacrifice a plains and an island for each red mana in its casting cost.

    "He must have paid a lot to learn that one!"

  2. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    Let me see if I understand the card.

    Say I wanted to cast a Dromar (casting cost: 3WUB)

    With your artifact, I could pay 6 to cast it if I sacrificed:
    A swamp and a mountain to cover the W
    A mountain and a forest to cover the U
    A forest and a plains to cover the B.
    So in theory, I could cast Dromar in a B/R/G deck.

    I'll assume that's correct and go on.

    I think the artifact would make a lot of interesting 5-colored decks possible, but I think the sacrificing of two lands per colored mana symbol is awfully harsh. I think it would be better if:
    1) You could sacrifice either of the two lands to cover each mana symbol.
    2) You could sacrifice two lands to cover all mana symbols of the appropiate color. I think the casting cost would have to be at least 4 then.

    (- Steve -)

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