A Necromancer versus an Arc Mage Eternal!

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    All right. Like I said, the battle Neo and me had been really fun. I think it was great. Because of that, I have taken the time to "edit" the "battle", making it more like a "novel". I haven't finished the whole thing yet, but here's the "few pages" of the "novel".

    "A Necromancer versus an Arc Mage Eternal!"

    The eternal arc mage Neo was the master of a wonderful kingdom. He roamed the worlds, and he had fought every challenge. However, he has heard of a legend that is known to have no weakness: Duke, the Necromancer. Neo wanted to fight that so called "legend" to prove that he was the greatest of all.

    Neo met Duke at an Elvin bar in a cold night. That’s when the fight for honor, perfection, greed, and paranoia began!

    “I challenge the Necromancer, Duke, to a battle to the bruise” Neo ordered. ”I am A Red/Blue/White Mage”, Neo continued. “Let the contest begin!” he shouts.

    ”I will now let my opponent pick his power; all spectators may place bids on either mage. You may also ‘cheer’ and ‘boo’ as you wish!” Neo says, thinking that if someone ‘boos’ him, he’ll kill him or her.

    A puff of black smoke appears right in the middle of the Elvin bar! As the smoke vanishes, Neo and the crowd could see a standing Duke. “No one may interfere! This is a battle between him and me? I will begin this madness!” Duke states as he starts summoning dark, evil energy. One could see Duke’s hands glowing with the unknown power.

    “Well, hit me while you can... after a while, I'll have the Syphon power all charged! You will not have a chance against it Neo!” Duke shouts with utter disrespect to the master Neo. Duke stands still, charging the power of the deep dark. Neo looks at the Necromancer. Duke’s hands were glowing. Neo begins to recall back the memories of the mountains, islands, and farm areas he once played in. Suddenly, a visible aura of white light surrounds the arch mage eternal Neo. Duke Looks at the aura surrounding Neo.

    “Well, that thing is not going to stop me.” Duke says while pointing both hands at Neo, and…”Take that!” Duke shouts. A syphon ray is unleashed from Duke’s hands and rushes towards Neo. It hits Neo’s white aura. “What?” Duke wonders, and with all his power, he refocuses the syphon ray. “Break through the stupid shield dang it!” Duke mutters.
    Slowly, the syphon ray breaks away through the shield, though the syphon stops. “I must recharge” Duke groans, “but I did drain some of your worthless soul Neo.” Duke continues with a grin. ”Take that you overly protective partly-White mage!” Duke says while standing still waiting to recharge his abused powers. His plan was to summon an undead angel. ”Neo, you will feel this next move! Trust me!” Duke exclaims as he position himself, waiting for the dark energy to repossess him.

    Neo laughs at the syphon; it barely touched him. Neo unleashes a ray of light, creating a White Knight clad in shining armor, ready to battle. Once again, the white aura around Neo shines brightly as he floats into the air hovering, looking over the charging Duke.

    With all his strength, the White Knight rushes towards the still-charging Duke.
    “Huh!” Duke sighs while looking at the approaching White Knight with complete carelessness.
    ”What could a White Knight do against this!!!?” Duke shouts in evil laughter as he spins around.
    An aura of darkness surrounds him as he spins, turns, and spins again; this creates the dark energy needed, perhaps the enough energy needed to unleash the spell of the Diabolic Edict! Duke leaps into the air, surrounded by an unknown dark force, and before reaching the ground, he sees the White Knight rushing towards the place of landing. A glow of light leaves Duke; it travels straight through the White Knight, ripping the knight into countless pieces. “Take that!” Duke shouts, “Where did your little Knight go, Neo?” a Duke says sarcastically.

    Duke lands into the ground, safely; surprisingly, still contained enough energy to summon a Fallen Angel.
    Duke spreads his arms across, stigmatically, and from his chest, comes out black energy that flew up to the air. In the air, it took a form of a dark angel, the Fallen Angel. Duke looks at his creation, “She will see to it that you are bruised enough, Neo!” Duke shouts, “Kill him!” Duke persists, commanding the angel.
    The angel recognizes Duke’s command, and she instantly flies towards Neo. Because of the aura surrounding Neo, the fallen angel was having a hard time making a contact with Neon’s soul.
    “Well!” Duke yells, “I guess I’m for some mind ripping in order to make you loose your mental balance, Neo!” Duke babbles as he points at Neo, and then waves his hands in a circular motion. Dark energy forms easily, and Duke motions it at Neo. The energy departs Duke’s hands and flies towards Neo.
    “No protection shield of yours could stop the power of coercion!” Duke shouted mercilessly.

    …To be continued

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