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    For a couple of these, my new ability idea (or rather, disability) comes into play. This is landbane. Basically, a creature with landbane cannot attack a player with the relevant land type, and will be buried if its controller ever controls the relevant land type. The exact opposite of landhome.


    Instant, 1UU
    Choose one--target spell is countered, or target spell becomes uncounterable. Force Barrier may not be countered. You may not cast any more spells this turn.

    Tap: Add two mana of any color or combination of colors to your mana pool. You may only cast one more spell this turn.

    I came up with this one (and the last two) LONG before the Urza's block...

    Artifact, 2
    No player may cast more than two spells in any one turn.

    Creature--0/0 Elemental, 3UU
    When Salt Elemental is cast, reshuffle all islands you control into their owners' libraries. Put a +1/+1 counter on Salt Elemental for every island reshuffled in this way.
    Remove a +1/+1 counter from Salt Elemental: Counter target spell. (Well, this part was spur-of-the-moment; I just realized that the probably massive stats wouldn't be enough to justify the islandbane.)

    Creature--4/5 Elemental, 2BB
    Plainsbane, trample
    BB: +1/+0 until end of turn.
    Sacrifice a swamp: Darkness Elemental loses plainsbane until end of turn.

    Enchant Permanent, BB
    Whenever a requirement or choice to sacrifice is caused by Satiation's target, it is automatically considered to be fulfilled.
    During your upkeep, either sacrifice a permanent, choose and discard a card from your hand, or sacrifice Satiation.
    (This may be a little unclear. Satiation also takes care of sacrifices caused by a permanent's activatable effects, such as Krovikan Horror, City of Shadows, and Horror of Horrors.)

    Creature--2/3 Doppleganger, 1BBB
    First strike
    Whenever a creature goes to the graveyard during a turn in which it received damage from Algavian Doppleganger, Algavian Doppleganger may become a copy of that creature, with the exceptions of retaining this ability, retaining its original color(s), retaining first strike, and having a toughness of three if the copied creature had a toughness of less than three.

    Creature--4/4 Wraith, 2BG
    Sacrifice a forest: Target creature gains swampwalk until end of turn.
    Sacrifice a swamp: Target creature gains forestwalk until end of turn.
    Sacrifice a forest or swamp: Target creature cannot be blocked except by black and green creatures until end of turn.
    (A twist on The Dark's Wormwood Treefolk.)
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    I dont understand landbane? If I play a dude with plainsbane, and they have a plains, is it automatically buried?

    Alot of interesting grooves going down in these cards. I like it. I *Really* dig force barrier.

    ALGAVIAN MARSHES: This sucka is prob way to jiggy in the early game...

    Scepter: I like it, balanced. Way to keep all that green acc in check.

    ALGAVIAN DOPPLEGANGER: I think this babe is a reverse (Goes to your graveyard is when its activated type deal) doppelganger. But, that will make a turkey load of rules shoot, and this homedog doesent really get the wording.

    SALT ELEMENTAL: I love this card! The last counter ability is probablly to explosive to bounce to balance, but maybe you can vibe it towards "Remove 2 counters: Counter target spell"

    what you dog-gs think?
  3. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Why is my thumb red?
  4. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Because you put it someplace not-so-nice...

    ...right in the car door as it shut.

    Landbane sucks. Why?

    That birdie that whacks out lands.
    And the reprint of phantasimal terrain.

    Still, despite that, with all the off
    color mana producers, it's easy to
    play a critter with landbane of a color
    you play.
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