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  1. I figured I would give this a shot. so here it goes. starting with the first is no other than.

    when IGW comes into play,return target creature from your graveyard to play. At the end of your turn,return IGW to your hand.

    choose a card name,besides a land card. Look at target opponents hand.If the chosen card is in his/her hand remove it from the game. Then search that opponents library for all copys and remove them from the game.

    Mirror image
    Look at target opponets hand. choose a creature card. Put that creature into play under your control. that creature gains haste. At the end of turn return that creature to it owners hand.

    return all creatures,lands,artifacts,enchantments to thier owners hand. each player then may put one land,one creature,one artifact, and one enchantment in play.

    Higher councel
    Higher councel deals x damage to each creature for each mountain in play.
    higher councel deals x damage to each player for each swamp in play.
    each player draws x cards for each island in play.

    physical wizard
    tap: target player can not attack this turn.
    W: target player gains 1 life
    G: target creature get +1+1 and trample until end of turn.

  2. DÛke Memento Mori


    Immortal Grave Walker is too powerful.

    I suggestion...

    Immortal Grave-Walker (3BB)
    Creature - Legend
    As an additional cost to play Immortal Grave-Walker, remove a creature you control from the game.
    As Immortal Grave-Walker comes into play, you may choose a creature card in your graveyard and put it into play.
    At the end of the turn, return Immortal Grave-Walker to owern's hand.

    It's bigger now, but with a greater drawback. With the new drawback, his ability to return creatures can't be abused.

    Chance -- It's ok.

    Mirror Image -- I know Red is all cool and stuff, but...I think I would perfer Mirror Image to cost (2RU).

    Starting Over -- You could call it "Restart." :) The cost looks better at (3GGG).

    Higher Councel -- Hip. Seems balanced.

    Physical Wizard -- Really cool. Too powerful though.

    I suggest:

    Physical Wizard (1WG)
    Creature - Wizard
    W: Gain 1 life.
    W: Target creature can't attack this turn.
    G: Target creature gains +1/+1 until end of the turn.
    G: Target creature gains Trample until end of the turn.
    Use each of these abilities no more than once each turn.

    Sure, the cost is cheaper...but its abilities are more expensive to play now, and to avoid over power, I added the drawback.
  3. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    It's like a Zombify with buyback. Without altering the card alot, I'd say it has to cost at least 4BB, with a p/t of 3/3 or 2/2.

    I'd almost suggest making this card an isntant, but as I thought about it I figured it's pretty powerful as is. On the surface, it's very very very bad (As the "guess a card" cards usually are), but first turn duress, second turn this is very easy to pull off.

    Mirror image
    A bit too weak, maybe a cc of 1R. Also, why is this red in the first place?

    It's a mixture of upheaval and Catlysm. I dont like it.

    Higher councel
    Looks fine to me.

    physical wizard
    This card is bad in some aspects, and really good in others. I suggest this version:

    Physical Wizard
    Creature - Wizard
    W,T: target player can not attack this turn.
    2W: target player gains 1 life
    1G: target creature get +1+1 and trample until end of turn.

    Anyway, what do you think?
  4. Immortal Grave walker
    You guys might be right on changing it a little,however I don't think its to bad the way it is. with so much removal and counters floating around you might only get to use it once. also if you wanted to use it each turn it would tie up your mana. you say it might be to strong like it is? Since its a legend you can only play one at a time. Look at spirit monger if you want to talk about strong,however if your playing counter or mass removal spirit monger is no threat. my thoughts.

    Chance-this is just a cheaper lobotomy,first turn duress,second turn you know exacty what card you want to get.

    Mirror image-Maybe this card isn't that good,but if your opponent is holding a monster. Then you get to beatdown with thier creature for one turn. I don't know why I made it red really. I guess cause red needs more hand removal or something like that.

    starting over- I think this card is good for green. Since green doesn't have no solid green removal. Of course it has deed with a splash of black. I think it needs a solid removal spell.

    Physical wizard- This creature might be to powerfull maybe make it a 1/2. Like the immortal grave walker. whats the chances of using this cards ability before it visits the graveyard.


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