A Casual Fun Deck



Last week I put together a strange deck to test a combo which looked funny. I had expected to receive some acknowledgement from the members of my group. But then everything changed, beginning from last weeks playing location and the other groop of people I played against.

Two things came out:
The deck was MUCH more fun then expected!
The deck was much stronger than expected!

As we (about 10 people) laught nearly one hour about this deck I like to publish it now:

4 Varchilds war Riders
3 Fire Ants
4 Repercussion
3 Steam Blast
2 Invasion Plans

4 Soul Warden
2 Castle
4 Pariah
2 Replenish

and some other stuff represented in single cards, like Time Bomb, Soltari Guerillas, Dwarven Vigilantes, Farrels Zealot, Heavy Ballista and Caltrops

As promised, it was the surprise of the evening and had some potential. Nevertheless, in the form as played it was constructed for 2 or 4 player casual play.

The Varchilds War Riders are great! The combo with Repercussion (a more tournament worthy card as I know now) and Fire Ants generated endless laughing ;)

Nevertheless, the combo with Pariah was the final kick! I have dismateled the deck, because it was too strong for casual use even if it was not strong enough for tournaments.

I would be happy if you have a similar fun-evening with such a deck.

I love the War Riders, the next version will be B/R with Tainted Aether!! Buh-hu!

Never forget: enjoy the fun side of Magic!



I have been trying to get more than one war riders since Alliances came out.
noone seems to have them.

the war riders are awesome. I have been wanting to build a deck like that for awhile.



Another dreaded War Riders deck! My friend made one that had Wardens, Portcullis, and Rukh Eggs. It is the strangest thing I've ever seen, but It actually won games against my tourny decks! If I can get an exact decklist I will.

Baron Sengir

A friend of mine built a pretty good deck with Mana Flare, Varchild's WarRiders and Aether Flash. This might bear looking into again.

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