8th Edition: Mooseman vs SealTeamBill


Isengar Tussle
It's a race
Island from my hand
Razorfoot Griffin (2/2,Flying. First strike)
Raise Dead on the Goblin
Orcish artillery to kill the Shaman, You can respond by paying R to do 1 damage to anything, but the Goblin or Tiger
Play the Goblin
Sabretooth Tiger


SealTeamBill: 25
Hand: 0

(TTT) Swamp x3 one of these swamps was from my hand.
(U) Mountain
(U) Forest
(TT) Island
(TTU) Plains x3

Aura ~Pacifism (w)- Enchanted creature cannot attack or block.

(U) Deepwood Ghoul (B)(2/1)(Pay 2 life: Regenerate Deepwood Ghoul)
(T) Gluttonous Zombie (B)(3/3)(Fear- this creature cannot be blocked by anything except artifact and black creatures )
(S) Staunch Defenders (w)(3/4) (when staunch Defenders come into play gain four life)~ invisibility (Enchanted creature cannot be blocked except by walls .)

Graveyard: Maggot Carrier, Canyon Wildcat, Elvish Pioneer, Guerrilla tactics, Volcanic Hammer, Carrion Wall, Slay,Peach Garden Oath, Anaba Shaman
Mooseman: 10
Hand: 1

(T) Plains
(T) Swamp
(TT) Island x2
(TT) Mountain x2
(TTTT) Forest x4

Urza's Armor (A,If a source would deal damage to you, prevent 1 of that damage.)

(T) Orcish Artillery (R) (1/3,T: Orcish Artillery deals 2 damage to any target and 3 damage to you.)
(U) Coastal Hornclaw (U) (3/3,Sacrifice a land: Coastal Hornclaw gains flying until end of turn.)~Aura ~Pacifism (w)- "Enchanted creature cannot attack or block."
(U) Craw Wurm (G) (6/4,)
(U) Lone Wolf (G) (2/2,You may have Lone Wolf assign its combat damage as though it weren't blocked.)
(S) Razorfoot Griffin (W) (2/2,Flying. First strike)
(S) Goblin Glider (R) (1/1,Flying. Goblin Glider can't block.)
(S) Sabretooth Tiger (R) (2/1,First strike)

Graveyard: Giant Badger, Tremor, Remove Soul, Grizzly Bears