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7th edition ?'s



I'm not sure if it was here or not, but I remember reading a projeted 7th edition card list. If anyone has one or knows were I can see one let me know. Also, does anyone know when 7th is estimated to come out?
My e-mial is MPSorcerer@aol.com, e-mail me or post here if you have an answer, I would prefer it if you e-mailed me but either is fine.


7th edition comes out next year. There are no reliable projected lists to think of, but most players seem to agree that it will suck even worse than 6th edition.


Hmm, I appear to have stood on a sour grape.
6th was a great set - they shouldn`t have killed the Disk or WOrb but otherwise it was perfect.


I don't think it's going to suck.
I heard from somewhere Elite Archers are going to be in there.
I'm not really sure, but if I have to guess, I would think that they will be bringing more Temepest Block cards this time.


Personally, I don't think that it will suck, either. I believe that a lot of choice non-mechanic Tempest Block cards will be included, especially Wasteland (anti-Port card if I ever saw one).

However, a lot of other player seem to be resigned in the fact that more of their staples will be removed, powering down the set even further than the 4th to 5th edition transition. 6th edition was a very good set, it seemed to me. There were a lot of balancing cards, and the inclusion of nice cards like Uktabi Orangutan, River Boa, Necrosavant, Library of Lat-Nam, Hammer of Bogardan and the various lesser Tutors seemed like a good change. Certainly a much better set than 5th. There are certain questionable exceptions of course, such as the removal of Fireball and Incinerate from red and replacing them with pathetic lessers (Blaze and Shock).

I guess it's these few slighted people that are doing most of the griping. I wouldn't really blame them, but I can't sympathize with them either since I'm not an advocate of formating in casual play.