7th + Apocalypse Goblins

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  1. Lotus Mox New Member

    Anyone remember that Dralnu's Crusade contest? Now that 7th ed. has arrived and Apocalypse is hitting the stores in few weeks, I'll providing you with an updated Goblin.dec :)

    The overall quality of Goblins has improved quite a bit with Goblin Raider, Chariot and Legionnaire.
    I also included some Apocalypse spells like Order/Chaos (removing a nasty attacker or dealing the killing blow sounds good to me) and the nearly always useful Vindicate.

    Here's my decklist:

    4 Seal of Fire
    4 Raging Goblin
    4 Goblin Raider
    4 Goblin Chariot
    4 Goblin King
    4 Goblin Ringleader

    4 Goblin Legionnaire
    2 Terminate
    4 Dralnu's Crusade
    2 Vindicate
    2 Order/Chaos

    10 Mountains
    4 Battlefield Forge
    4 Sulfurous Springs
    4 Caves of Koilos

    no s/b as of yet.
    Have fun!
  2. Lotus Mox New Member

    what do you think of this deck?
  3. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    It looks OK, but don't expect to be able to cast a goblin every turn very easily with all the gold cards.
  4. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Ok. Colors that are splashes should have a higher average cc or a lower average cc than the main color.

    Keeping in mind your 8 black mana sources, you often won't be able to play a second turn terminate (indeed, odds favor your not doing so as you are busy droppin' Goblins.)

    So, I recommend you replace Terminate with Void. I know terminate has it's place, but we'll look into that in a second.

    Also, it seems that a deck using a creature swarm in Red, Black, and White would do well to look into Fervent Charge. Try no more than 2, though.

    For sideboard, this is a good first draft.

    4 Terminates (those Spiritmongers)
    4 Dodecapod (discard decks...this slot may not be needed, depending on your ability to beat a discard deck)
    4 Gerrard's Verdict (control decks)
    3 Orim's Thunder (you have white mana. And what if they drop Teferi's Moat?)

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