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  1. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Okay, I've done something unusual. After advising various people, I've dipped into my giant supply of rares which I never use, and built a random deck out of them. See what you can help me with, this deck needs serious work.

    17 forests
    1 City of brass (I know, I need more)

    2 Ring of gix
    3 Pyromancy (Kill card)
    2 Evacuation
    1 Yawgmoths bargain (I know, I need more.)
    3 desert Twister
    1 Intimidation
    1 Cadaverous bloom (I need more)
    1 Mind over matter
    4 Armageddon
    2 Larry's disks
    2 Ensnaring bridge
    1 Crawlspace
    3 lotus petals (I don't have 4)

    3 elvish spirit guides
    2 Skyshroud elves
    3 Quirion elves
    2 BOP (I know, I need more)
    2 Mahomati Djinn
    2 Serra Angel
    1 Shivan dragon
    1 harvest mage

    the deck works like this: it either runs on creatures, or runs on land. If it runs or creatures, geddon works. If not, continue. If it runs on land, it either uses creatures, or uses pyromancy. IF it runs on creatures, then intimidation and ring of gix work, if not, continue. If it runs on pyromancy, then use the pyromancy, the mana, possibly the bargain and definately the cadaverous bloom/mind over matter to get cheap cards out of you hand and into mana. See? Now, fix this deck!
  2. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    First thing you need is MORE RED MANA. Pyromancy is the key to the deck and right now you have 9 sources of Red, 5 of which can be pinged out, 3 get used only once.

    I would also have some artifact mana, this way you can cast some of your bigguns populating the deck (also works nicely with pyromancy after the Armageddon).

    Citanul Flute is a good way to get big creatures out of your library to your hand.

    Another nifty card to consider for this deck is Pack Hunt, although you'd need a bunch of 4 of creatures to make it truly work. Think of this (but you need a lot of mana), cast a Thorn (or Rootbreaker Wurm, Avatar, etc.). On the next turn Pack Hunt it, attack, use pyromancy. There is a potential 21 points of damage in your hand.

    Nesting Wurm also works very, very nicely in here with repopulate or Living Death.
  3. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    I would really cut the Blue and Black stuff in here. Your mana can't support it. Otherwise you need Undiscovered Paradise, Gemstone Mine, Dual lands, and others to satisfy the colored deck needs. You will get mana screwed, I guarantee it. I'm taking a page out of your book and supplying a decklist for you, I'm trying to keep it as similar to your deck as I can:

    1 City of Brass
    12 Forests
    6 Mountains
    1 Sol Ring
    2 Grim Monolith (or Thran Dynamos)
    2 Fire or Moss Diamonds

    2 BoP
    4 Skyshroud Elves

    1 Serra Avatar
    4 Nesting Wurms
    1 Shivan Dragon
    2 Serra Angels
    4 More big green and/or red creatures

    3 Pyromancy
    4 Armageddon
    2 Nevs Disk
    1 Crawlspace
    2 Ensaring Bridge-(Cut these for 2 more crawlspaces if you have them, they hurt you too)
    2 Citanul Flutes
    2 Repopulates
    2 Ring of Gix (Icy would be better, costs one more, better just in case you have to toss in to the Pyro)

    Other cards that would work nicely in here.
    Greater Good--Eventually you will get a few bigguns out in play, this a good way to draw and discard the crap you don't want to pyromancy. Nice with Larry's disk too.
    Reinforcements--W-Instant (Alliances common)-Put up to 3 target creatures from your graveyard on top of your library in any order you choose.

    Hope you can use some of these ideas.
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Hey, that MY style! :) Rare binders are the basis of all my decks (set aside my Stampy varients and oddball beatdown stuff)! :)

    I have to agree with Mike, though. Mana is a serious problem. Looking at the original deck, we have

    31 total mana sources (6 can be used only once)
    31 green mana sources (6 can be used only once)
    11 red mana sources (3 can be used only once, 3 only sometimes produce red, 2 turn all mana sources into possible red mana)
    9 black mana sources (3 can be used only once, 3 only sometimes produce black)
    9 blue mana sources (3 can be used only once, 3 only sometimes produce blue)
    11 white mana sources (3 can be used only once, 3 only sometimes produce white, 2 turn all mana sources into possible white mana)

    And we also find the deck has

    18 green mana symbols in the casting cost
    8 red mana symbols in the casting costs
    6 black mana symbols in the casting costs
    12 blue mana symbols in the casting costs
    8 white mana symbols in the casting costs

    Do those ratios look kinda funky to anyone else? 18:31, 11:8, 9:6, 9:12, 11:8? I try to keep those stable when I build many-color decks. But needless to say, it's really hard to do, 'cause I can't really take into account temporary mana sources or alternate sources, etc... (If anyone would write an equation for the right mana mix in this kind of deck, I WANT IT. :) ) I'd play with the basic land mix some, pulling forests in favor of whatever else makes those ratios closer to equal. (And don't go and give me 'Well, any number to 0 are equal ratios, so I'll just take out all the spells, and we have it!' Someone tried that already. :) )

    Now, I'm gonna call something creative here... This deck can go one of two ways. It can go in the direction it's currently heading via Mike, with large creatures and mana sources, and a kill with Pyros. Or it can go more towards my speciality; really horribly ineffective combo. I'm gonna try and make it go combo for the purposes of this post, just cause I'm a SoB and I need something to do now that I'm awake at 4 in the morning (does jet lag not suck?). :)

    Ok, first things first. What's the combo? Pyromancy/Bloom/Bargain. Ok. How do we get the combo into play? Well, we could cast all that. Nope, that's not happening. We could try and get the Bloom/Bargain engine out, and they cast Pyromancy. Ok, that sounds good.

    Once we get Bloom/Bargain out, how do we get the red mana? Well, we need mana acceleration anyways, Skyshroud Elf. (You'll note I'm still playing by your decklist. I'll get more creative here in a minute... :) ) Alright.

    Next question, how do we get Bloom/Bargain out? Both are enchantments, Academy Rector. Now we need a way to sack it, Phyrexian Tower or High Market? Chances are we're only gonna get one Rector, so we'll still need to cast the other one of Bloom/Bargain. So we'll say Tower, since that gives us the mana we need. Casting the other is a problem, how 'bout Dark Rituals to help the high mana requirement?

    Hmm... Bargain relies on life. How do we get life? We have access to constant G, B, W, and R mana. Could go Stream of Life, but discarding that wouldn't do much via Pyro, not to mention you have to discard a lot of cards to Bloom to make it worthwhile. Could go Drain Life, but then the deck is broken. Unacceptable. :) (Yes, this is how I build combo decks. I'm just typing out my thought process.) Gerrard's Wisdom. Perfect. Gain 2 life for each card you just drew, draw twice as many cards. Only requires two cards to be discarded to cast. High casting cost to run the kill. Perfect indeed.

    Now, consistancy. We don't have any. Luck of the draw is not a Good Thing(tm), at least not to me. Therefore, Tutors. I'd say Vampiric, but that's too hard to get. Rhystic? Not as good, but it should work. 4 of those.

    Ok, that's 30 spells, and 4 lands. I'm gonna say 24 land to 36 spells for this deck, which leaves 6 slots for spells. More mana acceleration and search cards are the obvious things to get. How 'bout 4 BoPs, and 2 Vampirics? Man, I'm making this thing _expensive_! Sorry 'bout that... I'm just playing 'round.

    20 land. We need white mana, green mana, and black mana. The red is only the Pyros, and we can get that out once the combo is running with an Elf. So, once again, in the interests of making this is frigging EXPENSIVE deck, I'm gonna call 4 Cities. Ok, that's over with. 4 Brushland, since we need Green and White. Ok, that leaves 12 slots for basic land. Let's say, for now, forests and swamps. 6 of each.

    4 Bargain
    4 Bloom
    2 Pyros (Only two 'cause we'll be playing 'em later)
    4 Gerrard's Wisdom

    4 Skyshroud Elf
    4 Dark Ritual
    4 BoP

    4 Academy Rector
    4 Rhystic Tutor
    2 Vampiric Tutor

    4 Phyrexian Tower
    4 City of Brass
    4 Brushland
    6 Forests
    6 Swamps

    Bang! We have a deck. A bad one, and an expensive one, but a deck nonetheless. :) It's obviously just an off-the-top-of-the-head thing, not meant to be played seriously. But that's my interpretation of this deck gone combo (aka gone bad). :) Needless to say, it changed a lot. I don't think we're talking about anything even close to the same deck any more. Oh, well. Sorry 'bout that. That's what you get for catching my wandering attention at 4 AM PST. :)

    "What the hell? Now I can't even say I'm waking up with the sun?"
  5. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Not bad, zadok, just one question: WHAT THE HECK USE IS PYROMANCY IN THIS DECK?!?

    RIght, I count three bargains and three blooms, once all is said and done, and hopefully it will be. Now, that's 6 cards out of about 30 left, right? that means 5 life per card, and I need 4 of them to win. The wisdom's are the only hope for the deck, no?

    So, for a $150+ deck (4 bargains, 4 blooms (Actually, I was going for those anyways), 4 rectors, 4 cities, 4 brushlands, 4 bop, 4 rhystic, 2 vampiric), this is slightly depressing, neh?
  6. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Or a 3kb deck. :) Apprentice is the only place I'm gonna play it. :)

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