5C Beatdown

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    Alright, I made this deck off of a scribbling of zadok's, some well-worded advice, and a prayers. altered a little from MJ's deck doctor list:

    Mana Accel:
    4 BOP
    4 TOP
    4 Llanowar

    4 Blastoderm (You knew they had to be here somewhere)
    4 Sapphire Leech
    4 Derelor
    2 Thunderscape Master (The best one!)
    2 Ruby Leech
    2 Silt crawlers (Chimeric Idol?)

    2 Cho-manno's blessing (White removal?)
    1 Rising waters
    2 Vendetta (In case)
    2 Disenchant (Or a variant)
    2 White removal (I think afterlife is best)
    1 Vampiric tutor

    4 City of brass
    7 forests
    3 b/u duals
    3 g/w duals
    3 r/g duals

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