50 Games To Play At Work

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    Or school, I guess...

    This is from the 200th issue of PC Gamer (April 2010). My other Free Games thread is winding down, so to keep the gaming goodness going, here's something new:
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    Pandemic is nice.


    BTW, you could do the draft simulater on wizards site. A nice magic-related free game.
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    Where is the rest? please post becouse i've burned al that are curently posted :(
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    Patience, one a day at a time... :)
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    But that is gonne take SO LONG :C
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    And the #1 is...

    50. Madness Accelerant
    A hyperbolic side-scrolling shooter that lasts about 15 minutes and never stops bombarding you with lunacy. It could hardly be simpler to play, but the effect is intense. Think Metal Slug games pushed through a cartoon sieve.

    49. Monkey Lander
    Monkeys, as we all know, started using spacecraft to collect fruit in the 1970s, and they've never looked back. Now you can join them, while avoiding various obstacles that threaten to stop you from touching down safely.

    48. The Walls Are Not Cheese
    ... But they are fuel for your weapon. As a small purple square you must kill - or be killed by - the blue squares. Blast through the scenery as you go, and vacuum up the debris. Conclusive evidence that graphics don't matter.

    47. Woosh/Waker
    Abstractivist versus narrativist: the game. Two puzzle/platformers in parallel, one that has a story explaining its events, and one that is entirely abstract. Yes, it's an exercise in philosophy, done via a browser game.

    46. Demolition City
    Destroy each building using limited dynamite. Those ESRB warnings about implied alcohol or partial violence in games is all very well, but this game should come with on that says "This is going to keep you fixed to the screen until you beat it." Because it will.

    45. Canabalt
    Games requiring a single button press for interaction might seem too simplistic to ver really be engrossing but that's not the case with break-neck running game Canabalt. All you can do in this game is jump, but after a few minutes of this, it's all you'll want to do.

    44. The Beggar
    While you're toiling in the office, spend a little time thinking about those people who aren't going to get a check at the end of the working month. Do it while playing a side-scrolling puzzler where you have to work for your supper.

    43. 1066
    The most successful of British TV's games - a turn-based strategy in which Saxons, Vikings, and Normans war upon each other. It even supports multiplayer.

    42. Wayfarer
    A certain kind of gamer will fall in love with this. It's a surprisingly sophisticated dungeon crawler whose stickman aesthetic hides real depth. Adventure through randomly generated levels - but read the instructions!

    41. Pizza City
    Adult Swim's site hosts a whole bunch of games, but the stand-out masterpiece is the super-retro GTA clone, Pizza City. It's basically an open-world driving game in which you must deliver pizzas. And it gives me melted-cheese flashbacks.

    40. Fantastic Contraption
    A beautiful little physics puzzle game. The central idea is connectivity between moving wheels or cogs, which (eventually) allow you to get the contraption to the end zone.

    39. Ultimate Crab Battle
    As the name suggests, this is absurbly over-the-top and amusing. You face a giant crab and a ludicrous barrage of other enemies, including a pink AT-AT/lobster hybrid.

    38. Dino Run
    Your enemy is nothing less than extinction. Gather eggs to preserve your species! But mainly, run. Run a lot. Because right behind you is a wall of falling space rubble and badness, and it's catching up fast.

    37. Epsilon
    If you've played Portal, you'll be familiar with the idea of increasing momentum by falling through multiple portals. Epsilon is the exact same idea, except with 2D balls. An ingenious puzzler.

    36. Bowja the Ninja 2
    An exquisite little action adventure game starring a bow-wielding ninja. You can interact with lots of things in the various environments, but there's a bit of point-and-click searching and experimentation to find the solution.

    35. Jetpack Brontosaurus
    The Blurst games are so absurd they make men cry. Following in a proud tradition of games where reptilian beasts are given jetpacks, Jetpack Brontosaurus delivers a strange puzzle game that is achingly beautiful.

    34. Pandemic 2
    A game where you play as the enemy of humankind is rare, and it's rarer still for that enemy to be a plague. You play as a contagion trying to kill the maximum number of human beings. A grim lesson in timing and mutation.

    33. Make Bouncy Bouncy
    That sounds like a euphemism, but it's actually a marvelous 3D puzzle game in which you control a gelatinous bouncing cube. Bounce up enough platforms in succession and you hit the high score.

    32. Breaking the Tower
    Unbelievably slow-paced and consequently perfect for work (you could have a meeting, come back, and still be OK), this weird little strategy game has you building huts across an island. Eventually, the huts allow you to Break The Tower. More compelling than it sounds.

    31. Warfare 1917
    It's strange to find that a browser-based trench warfare game can actually have a high level of poignancy to it. A side-scrolling 2D strategy affair, Warfare 1917 effectively demonstrates the conveyor-belt horror that World War I delivered to our troops.

    30. Hunted Forever
    Vaguely terrifying platformer Hunted Forever will definitely keep you up at night. In it you control a tiny yet clearly athletic man who is being chased through a maze by a huge green disc eye thing. It knows you are there, and it wants you dead.

    29. Guitar Geeks
    Browser-based Guitar Hero without the guitar means that you can pick up your keyboard and make like a rockstar. We do not recommend doing that in an office environment, however, as you are likely to attract attention from your fellow workers.

    28. Tactical Assassin Substratum
    Sniping games are often amusing, but Tactical Assassin Substratum pushes the idea to an unusual place: you're shooting stickmen, but you have to interpret what's going on in the scenes you see from the briefing. Can you figure out which stickman to kill?

    27. Incredibots
    This is one for the tinkerers and the engineers among us. It's a remarkably sophisticated physics puzzler that enables you to build, and then set into motion, a huge variety of complex vehicles. You'll lose days to Incredibots if you're not careful.

    26. QWOP
    There's something deeply tragic about QWOP. It's a demented button-mashing athletics game, where buttons control individual muscles. The result is a game in which the music from Chariots of Fire plays as you thrash helplessly on the starting line.

    25. PongOut
    You've played Pong and you've played Breakout, but when have you ever had a chance to play both at the same time? PongOut does just that, with your mouse movement controlling paddles for both games.

    24. Oiligarchy
    How about some politics in the office? In this game you're on the side of the oil industry, buying land, drilling, bribing politicians and stifling alternative energy sources. Go!

    23. The Manipulator
    An essential inclusion simply because this mind-control platformer is an absolute classic remix of Paradriod. This game requires the YoYo Games plugin for Firefox.

    22. Top Spinner Cricket
    The most English of sports is a bit complicated to play when you're supposed to be productive. Thankfully, now you can bat away at work.

    21. I Fell In Love with the Majesty of Colors
    A fascinating, dream-like adventure puzzle game. The decisions you make will determine what ending you see. Oh, and you're a sea-monster.

    20. The Space Game
    Sure, some titles tell you what to expect, but this one might actually be misleading. This is a brilliant puzzle-strategy game, where you have to build and energy grid through a field of asteroids. Mine them all to win.

    18. Sagrario's Room Escape
    There is a type of point-and-click game called Room Escaep and this particular instance is lauded as both very tricky, and very clever. Finding out what to do is all the fun.

    17. Blush
    You'll need the Unity plugin for this one. You're away in a neon world of jellyfish. Collect eggs and take them to collection points to grow your tentacles longer, and use them to kill.

    16. Effing Hail
    Hail is formed by tiny ice particles sent aloft by strong winds, forming large ice particles that eveentually fall down as chunks of ice and break stuff. This is the principle of the game, too. In short: smash up cities with weather!

    15. ScaryGirl
    Almost nothing in the world is as beautiful as the hand-drawn levels of ScaryGirl. Sure, the game itself isn't exactly inspired - it's a straight platform adventure - but if you can find a more visually attractive browser game, I'll eat my cat. Hat.

    14. SpaceQuest 1
    Sarien has lobbed a load of Sierra-style point-and-click adventures online, creating a spectacularly large amount of classic adventure gaming for you to grind your way through at work. We've picked SpaceQuest because we like quests. And space.

    13. Crush the Castle
    Of all the medieval siege weapons, the trebuchet is clearly the most elegant. Games created for trebuchets can be equally perfect in their deployment of Newtonian physics. Destroy fortifications with balletic grace.

    12. Bunni
    Bunni is a deeply strange and spooky island management game with sad-eyed rabbits. Take advice from the spirits of dead bunnies and solve the mystery of the island via a ludicrously slick real-time strategy interface. Exploration, building, weirdness. Bunnies.

    11. Plants vs Zombies
    You no longer have to purchase PopCap's garden-defence classic to enjoy a spot of undeath, as there's a stripped-down version available on their website. To be perfectly honest, we feel it would be rude not to play it at work.

    10. Spaced Penguin
    Arguably one of the all-time classic puzzle games, Spaced sees you trying to slingshot a penguin around the gravity of various planets to get him back to his spaceship.

    09. PuzzleBloom
    This also requires the Unity plugin for your browser. PuzzleBloom is one of the most beautiful 3D puzzles based on parasitic mind control that you're ever likely to play.

    08. Kickabout League
    Fierce soccer types may not like bending the rules (no throw in), but this multiplayer soccer game is still a magnificent achievement.

    07. Little Wheel
    This little robo-adventure is one of the best things online. It's only about 20 minutes long, but that's like saying that Portal only takes a couple of hours. Who needs lunch, anyway?

    06. Desktop Tower Defense
    Foes are coming! Place armed towers to thwart them! Arguably the most significant tower defense game of all time, this will even help you feel like you're still working, due to it being set on a , er, desktop. Brilliant sandbox mode, perfect missions. It's a micro-masterpiece.

    05. Doom
    Every computer in existence is required to have Doom installed to check its capabilities. It's your duty to make sure the PC you use at work is not a Doom virgin. There's even a browser version if you can't get it on the hard drive.

    04. Minecraft
    Multiplayer building might seem an unusual genre, but Minecraft's gentle pace and browser interface mena you can take your time planting a few bricks, and jump back to work when the boss comes by.

    03. Travian
    Astonishingly popular strategy MMO Travian has made its reputation largely by keeping the office-bound entertained. With a neat village-building mechanic, it's got just enough depth. Spidey's personal note: I found this game through a link at armorgames.com and got hooked about a year ago and am currently playing on three servers.

    02. DefCon
    Perfectly-paced for gaming in the office, a bout of thermonuclear wr is all any office drone needs to cheer up. The wargame even comes with a Boss mode, allowing you to hit a key and appear to be doing work.

    01. Laser Squad Nemesis
    For the PC gamer there can be no better game to play at work than Laser Squad Nemesis. Following an unusual play-by-email format, this brilliant isometric strategy game allows you to take your time and play when you are ready to make your move.
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    Loved the Kevin and Space penguin game!
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    Played the Treboulet game, but got stumped near the end.....
    Space penguins were ok, but got boring quickly.
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