4th Ed. only Blue deck.

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  1. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    This is a casual type deck, so there are no restrictions, or bans.
    It's a pretty basic idea lock down there Mana, fill there hand with cards, and do damage with Back Vise's.
    Some Air Elemental's and Unstable Mutation's as back up.
    Of coarse there are counters, but I only could find three (wish I could find one more).
    And no, I do not have 4 Mox Sapphire's, This is for an Apprentice game.
    Really I'm only having problems with weenie decks.
    What kinds of improvments can I make (remember A/B/U/4th only)?


    4 Counterspell
    4 Powersink
    4 Spell Blast

    4 Black Vise
    4 Winter Orb
    4 Howling Mine
    4 Mox Sapphire

    4 Air Elemental
    4 Unstable Mutation

    4 Strip Mine
    20 Island

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  2. Purple_jester New Member

    No problem. Hmm. No Revised, huh? Darn. And I wanted Serendibs...

    We want to be as abusive as possible. With no restrictions, I would run 4 of every restricted card. Here's why the Power 9 was restricted...

    Mana (28):
    4 Sol Ring
    4 Black Lotus
    4 Mox Sapphire
    16 Island

    Card Drawing (12):
    4 Time Twister
    4 Ancestral Recall
    2 Braingeyser
    2 Recall

    Abuse (8):
    4 Time Walk
    4 Copy Artifact

    Control (4):
    4 Counterspell

    Artifacts (4):
    4 Black Vise

    Creatures (4):
    4 Mahamoti Djinn (should be Serendib Efreet)

    You may want to add 4 Strip Mines to taste.

    There. With THIS deck, you'll probably never have to worry about weenies ever agan. Why? Because I guarantee that your opponent will never get another turn ever again, once you start the infinite turns chain. This deck defines the very essence of the Power 9. Enjoy.

    Make sure to laugh like a villanous fiend after you've won. Of course, this deck goes far beyond the realms of friendly gaming. ;)
  3. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    Does this deck have a catchy name?

    Sorry, I don't know My Magic history very well, but I'm work'in on it. :)

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  4. Purple_jester New Member

    I don't think it has a name. Decks back then didn't have catchy names like Trix, Ernhamgeddon and Cocoa Pebbles. I suppose you could call it "Infinity" or "Eternity" or "A Stitch in Time" or somesuch.

    I hope you enjoy the deck. ;)
  5. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Deck as illegal as that shouldn't have a catchy name.

    4 Time walk
    4 Time warp
    4 Capture of jingzhou
    4 Temporal manipulation
    4 Mox Sapphire
    4 black Lotus
    4 Ancestral recall
    3 Tolarian academy
    4 Time Spiral
    4 relearn
    3 howling mine
    3 Cursed scroll
    3 Vexing Arcanix
    12 islands

    Fun? Yessir!
  6. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    PJ, I tried that deck.
    It is just so unfair, but a lot of fun.

    I got a chance to see first hand why those cards are banned.

    It was a nice little history lesson for Me, Someone Who hasn't been playing magic long enough to understand the impact of the power9.

    Never having played the deck before I pulled off 3rd, 2nd and 1st turn wins, no problem, so easy to play, Opponent never had a chance.

    Good thing I was playing a friend (I think Shes still My friend).

    Anyway it was fun for a while, but I promised never to do it again. :D
  7. Purple_jester New Member

    I made a slight boo-boo in the deck list. I forgot that Recall first appeared in Legends and was first reprinted in Chronicles. It should have been replaced with Mana Short (in a lot of ways, it's like a Time Walk when cast during your opponent's upkeep).

    I hope your friend will forgive you. Did she think that weenie + burn was the way to go in unrestricted T1? :D

    I always wanted to build this deck, back when the cards were legal. This is why I think that A/B/U is still the most abusive set in the Magic universe, Academy or no Academy.

    I used this on Apprentice once. My opponent never played with me again. He also challenged me to an unrestricted type game with only cards from A/B/U/R. He even said that the 4 cards only limit wasn't a factor. I knew he wanted to play the 50 lightning bolt deck, so I agreed to the terms.

    I thrashed him with the Infinity deck I presented to you. ;)

    Merry Christmas, Griff. :)

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  8. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    Yeah I noticed that Recall wasn't a card from that pool (A/B/U/4th).

    I just added two more Braingeyser's, still worked good.

    I put in four Stripmine's, no need for them though, I found Myself wishing they were Islands most of the time.
  9. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Yeah, the P9 suck, no doubt about it. They're far to abusive to be fun.

    "With 3 moxes and an academy in play, Jon Finkel Obliterated. HE then followed that up with Black lotus, Mox sapphire, and Mox Pearl. Then he sacrificed the lotus to cast yawgmoth's will. Brought back the lotus, the 3 moxes, and the academy. Mind Twist for 5 and then Stroke of Genius for 3. He won."

    THAT is why the restricted list is good.

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