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    Twisting mirror 6
    Legendary Artifact
    Twisting mirror does not untap durring your untap phase
    TAP: Target player Skips his or her next turn. play this ability ONLY durring your end phase.
    at the end of your turn, pay 5 life to untap Twisting mirror. if you dont, sacrafice a land
    "um....?" --fain Elros after looking into the mirror.

    Projection machine 5
    when Projection machine comes into play, EACH player choses one: Artifact, Creature or Enchantment
    puts a token with the Exact same abilities into play for each permenent of your choice above. sacrafice all others. (example: you choose creatures. double each creature, then sacrafice all your artifacts and enchantments.
    monkey see, monkey do

    Execution chamber 7
    3: Put a Power-up Counter on Execution chamber.
    sacrafice 2 power-up counters, TAP: Destroy target creature. loose 3 life.
    you will die for your crimes! --Dalin Sumiltin

    Razor Net 2
    you may chose not to untap razor net durring your untap phase.
    Tap: Tap target creature. that creature does not untap as long as razor net is tapped. each turn razor net is tapped, razor net deals 1 damage to target creatures controller, and 2 to you.
    the net is as much of a nuicence to us as it is to the enimy
  2. TylersOnFire Ouch...

    hey kavu i love artifacts and i must say you got some pretty cool stuff here! :cool:

    1. so basically each turn you either have to untap this or sac a land?? and even if you do untap it then you loose 5 life...hmmm seems really good because then your oppenent basically skips his next 3 turns or so until you win or until you have to start sacking lands...i dont know it seems fair though...itd be tough figuring out how to use it really effectivly though...

    2. it seems like this could be really missused because like you could have a token deck or big creautre deck or something...just choose creature and you have a fricken lot of creatures everywhere..i dont know saccing all your artifacts and enchantments doesnt seem like a big enough drawback because you might not have any even in the deck..i dunno though...seems really powerful...ah hence the subject title :p

    3. i really like this! i think its fair because of the higher mana cost and the 6 u must pay to get the required counters...but yeah i like it. should it be nonblack creatures or did you do that on purpose?

    4. this is great too!! very fair drawback but very useful in many situations. if theyve got a wall or something thats blocking your 6/6 dude...(eh..it could happen) then you could keep him tapped while your 6/6 does his thing. seems very useful!!

    keep em coming!
  3. Darth Dunk New Member

    I like the ideas here.
    The first one is very powerful if used with, say, voltaic key, but fair if used as it stands.
    The second one is truly broken, but not for its use with creatures as Tyler said, but for its use with artifacts. This is because you didn't stop it from copying itself, so you sacrifice your creatures and enchantments but double all your artifacts and get to go again. Put this together with artifact number 1 and you've got yourself a game win. I think you're gonna need some work on the wording to pull this one off.
    I kinda like the third one. It's a dcent enough cost for its ability, only thing is permanent colourless creature removal is a little dangerous water. It can easily get overpowerful. I think it's fine, though, just make sure you look at it carefully.
    The fourth artifact is cool. I like it loads. Only thing I'd change is that I'd make it come into play tapped because otherwise it's just too nasty for sligh decks. Colourless creature-removal and damage source. The 2 damage at you makes for little hassle in a fast enough deck that would use something like that.
    Keep up the good work!
  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Well, since I can't keep my big mouth shut...

    Twisting Mirror is weird, but realize that if I can find some way to reliably gain 5 life a turn, I can go infinite. There are actually several decks that can gain 5 life a turn (or close to it) right now; I think it needs a more severe drawback, as well as something to prevent Voltaic Key syndrome. How about this?

    Twisting Mirror (6)
    T, pay 5 life: Choose a card name. If that card is an artifact, you may sacrifice a permanent with that name. If you do, take an additional turn after this one. You may not choose the same card name twice.

    This makes the drawback more severe, so that gaining a ton of extra turns isn't so easy...puts 5 life into the activation cost, so that untapping it isn't an issue...and prevents artifact reanimation tricks (Hanna) by going by card names. With these drawbacks to keep it balanced, I don't think that sacrificing land or not untapping is really necessary.


    Projection Machine presents some very real problems. TylersOnFire pretty much hit the nail on the head; in a deck with no crucial enchantments or artifacts, this could turn even a couple of creatures into a swarm of ridiculous proportions. Especially abusable with some way to bounce it. It should have no CIP ability, but instead an activation cost that includes paying mana and removing it from the game. Land should also be included in the equation. Add to this the fact that this card serves as any two of Wrath, Shatterstorm, or Tranquility for your opponent, and this thing is too good.

    How about this?

    Projection Machine (5)
    2, T, remove Projection Machine from the game: Choose a permanent type. (The types are land, artifact, enchantment, or creature.) Put a copy of each permanent of that type into play. Sacrifice all permanents you control that are not of the chosen type.

    It no longer affects your opponent, and prevents artifact reanimation; just drawing them from your deck should be enough. Duplicating any one resource should be enough for you, destroying large amounts of your opponent's resources AND duplicating your own is just too much for one card.


    Execution Chamber is actually fairly balanced, but I think you could stand to make it cost 6. Also, move 'pay 3 life' into the activation cost, so that you pay even if the creature 'escapes' somehow. I also think that Fain Elros would want to punish black creatures, meaning that a 'can't be regenerated' clause is important.

    How about this?

    Execution Chamber (6)
    3: Put a powerup counter on Execution Chamber.
    T, remove two powerup counters from Execution Chamber, pay 3 life: Destroy target creature. It can't be regenerated.


    Razor Net is very close to balanced, but for tapping a creature down and dealing damage to its controller, it really should cost 3 to play. Even with the drawback. Think 'Reckless Assault'.

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