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    This is just a story of something that happened. No important questions or anything here. Just hoping someone will find this interesting.

    So, I'm playing a Judgement mini-master with a couple of friends. Neither of them really play much, so they are making poor blocking choices and I have an advantage...except for the fact that to make up for it, they are ganging up.

    Early in the game, one of them cast Book Burning, targetting me. Now, I know I have Battlefield Scrounger in my deck, so I take a chance and let it resolve. Oops, there goes the Scrounger.

    Now, I'm under the gun. I have to kill them both before I run out of cards. Interestingly enough, I got both Grizzy Fate and the Lightning thingy (Surge?) that also has both threshold and flashback. I cast the Fate, once with threshold, once without. Kill a couple of blockers, and finish off one opponent with 4 cards to go in the library.

    Things are looking okay, but the other guy starts dropping some really defensive stuff and my bears are getting slowly picked off exchanging with blockers.

    Suddenly, I find myself looking at one card left, face down in my library. I've counted 14 non-land, so I know it's not a land, but I can't for the life of me remember what that card was.

    Regardless, I figure it doesn't matter because I can't imagine anything that would help me out, so I pick it up, preparing to concede and...

    Krosan Reclaimation

    Oh yeah, that's right...I remember having that card :D Needless to say, I get the Scrounger back and I have total control from that point.

    Of course, when it comes right down to it, a mini-master deck with Grizzly Fate, Lightning Surge, Battlefield Scrounger, Krosan Reclaimation, Book Burning (I had one of my own :D), Prismatic Strands, and oh yeah, absolutely no black cards, so I can play 4 color and don't have to worry about my opponents' Filths (which they both had) I'm thinking that pack was specifically designed for mini-master :eek:
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