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  1. Madbutcher New Member

    4 Doubling Season
    4 Howling Mine
    4 lifegift
    4 Azusa, Lost but Seeking
    4 Llanowar Elves
    4 Kodomas Reach
    2 Meloku the Clouded Mirror
    4 Fists of Ironwood
    4 Scatter the Seeds
    2 Verdant Force
    2 Forgotten Ancient
    4 Druid's Call
    2 Pentavus
    2 Words of Wilding
    1 Living Hive
    2 Wurmweaver Coil

    23 Forest
    3 Island

    This is a 2HG Magic online deck.. and i need to remove som cards .. how to get a 60 card deck?
  2. jorael Craptacular!

    I like the Doubling Season theme. You picked some nice fatties for token generating. I would drop the other theme: playing lands and focus more on really using the Season (and make it mono green).

    Druid's Call is nice, but fragile. As is Fist of Ironwood. One Terror could ruin it all. Spawning Pit might be more interesting: it gives you an ever growing army of 2/2 creatures. Echoing Courage can boost all tokens of one type and looks like a nice trick to include (that way you can also support your other 'head').

    Some choices are a matter of preference, but would change this:
    -4 lifegift
    -4 azusa
    -2 meloku
    -2 wormweaver coil
    -4 druid's call
    -4 fists of ironwood
    -2 words of wilding
    -3 Islands

    +4 echoing courage
    +4 spawning pit
    +1 Living Hive
    +1 Forest

    And if you got them, I would replace Scatter the Seeds with Beacon of Creation. Sakura-Tribe Elder might me a good replacement for the Llanowar Elves either way.

    Other cards that are great with the Season (which may or may not be available online):
    Phantom Centaur (a favorite of mine :))
    Magistrate's Scepter (taking extra turns as a team is nasty!)
    Blasting Station (combo's nicely with the Beacon and Fecundity)
    Helm of possession
    Orochi Eggwatcher
    Spike Feeder
    Spike Weaver (actually all spike creatures are good with Season as you can keep them growing)

    It seems there are more than enough cards to support this theme to create completely different decks with Doubling Season. :) Good luck with whatever you will be playing!

    EDIT: this thread also lists some ideas for Doubling Season!
  3. Madbutcher New Member

    i love to use the words of wilding since i will draw alot of cards in .. 4 howling mine.. (and my partner willl play 4 howling mine and 2 Teferi's Puzzle Box ) i can make tokens and it helps me not draw out my deck.. but i like the Spawning Pit and maby i will remove druid's call for that card.. lifegift, Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Meloku the Clouded Mirror is so fun so i can't take it out.. hehe.. play 3 land cards, Gain 3 life and make tokens.. :)
  4. jorael Craptacular!

    Yeah Howling Mine and Words of Wilding is nice, but 8 mines? I thought each team is allowed to play 4 of each card.

    If you like Azusa, Meloku and Lifegift why not focus on that and go for that theme? Soratami Savant is looking interesting and you could add Vinelasher Kudzu and Seed the Land. Perhaps even use Patron of the Moon and Uyo, Silent Prophet. The Simic karoo (the common guild land) might be a good addition to such a deck.

    If you really want to size down your deck you will have to drop some cards. You can run fewer copies of some cards, but that way you won't get any consistency. To get a 60 card deck you'll have to drop something... :eek:
  5. Madbutcher New Member

    oki.. now i'm down to 62 card's:)

    4 Doubling Season
    3 Howling Mine
    4 lifegift
    3 Azusa, Lost but Seeking
    4 Llanowar Elves
    3 Kodomas Reach
    2 Meloku the Clouded Mirror
    4 Fists of Ironwood
    3 Scatter the Seeds
    2 Verdant Force
    3 Beacon of Creation
    2 Pentavus
    2 Words of Wilding
    2 Wurmweaver Coil

    20 Forest
    3 Island
  6. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Need to drop two cards? Two lifegifts should be enough right?

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