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    Rushwood herblist 2G
    G,tap,discard a card: regenerate target creature. 2/2

    Question: Can you, or can you not regenerate a creature you just dicarded?

    Parallax dementia 1B
    Fading:1. Enchanted creature gets +3/+2. When Parallax dementia leaves play, destroy enchanted creature. That creature can't be regerated.

    Question: If have a Mother enchanted with Demintia, can I after my untap phase, but before my upkeep phase tap mother for protection black and remove Dementia from her?
  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Short Answer: No
    Long Answer: Regenerate does two things:
    a. If a creature has just taken lethal damage (ie damage that would send it to the graveyard) then the regeneration effect will prevent it from going to the graveyard and heal ALL damage that creature has suffered that turn.
    b. If a creature has just been 'destroyed' it is not sent to the graveyard.

    The card you discarded was never in play and so could never be the target of an effect that read 'target creature'.
    Regeneration does not return creatures from the graveyard to play, it stops them going there in the first place in one of the two situation I outlined above.

    Short Answer: No
    Long Answer: You can have the Mother Of Runes destroy the Dementia before the Fading ability resolves, but the ability will still resolve. The problem is that doesn`t achieve very much. As soon as the Mother gains Prot:Black and the Dementia falls off then the Dementia`s abiltiy ("When Parallax dementia leaves play, destroy enchanted creature. That creature can't be regerated.") will still trigger and kill the Mother.
    There is no gap between Untap and Upkeep for effects.
    You can respond to the Dementia`s ability by using the Mother in your Upkeep, and as it was last effect on the stack it will resolve before the Dementia.
    It doesn`t get you anywhere and the Mother still dies.
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    WOW! :)

    another rules lawyer. Good. I was tired of answering so many questions.

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    Well I already put:

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