15-card Highlander: The Results!

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  1. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    The 15-card Highlander competition was held last night at GenconUk and was an immense success! For those who missed the thread first time around the format was:

    Decks of 15 cards, no more than one copy of a card other than basic land, Type-II format with added Banned list of Serra Avatar, Thran Foundry, Wand Of Denial and Crumbling Sanctuary.
    Everything else is the same as normal, except you don`t die when you run out of cards - that would just be daft.


    By kick-off at 8:15pm the tournament had attracted a tremenous 48 players (the MBC PTQ had only got 65!) and so we played six 30-minute rounds of Swiss that cut to a Top-8 knockout. For some reason it was decided that the Semis and Final should be best-of-five and that was probably the main reason why we were still playing the final at 4:00am!


    The first prize was a Black Lotus (unlimited), which was claimed by Gordon `Gordy` Benson playing a black deck using Nether Spirit and Smokestack.

    Rain of Tears
    Snuff Out
    Nether Spirit
    Rishadan Port
    Spawning Pool
    Swamp x4

    Rapid Decay

    And he beat... ME! :D
    I lost the final 3-2 on a cruel fifth-game mana screw, and I was playing a Somnophore-based blue counterspell deck.

    Seal Of Removal
    Scent Of BRrine
    Power Sink
    Somnophore ("Somnophore - I choose you!")
    Dust Bowl
    Island x5

    Indentured Djinn

    And claiming the third spot was Chris Stowers, packing a fierce mono-brown deck.

    Voltaic Key
    Grim Monolith
    Thran Dynamo
    Phyrexian Processor
    Squee, Goblin Nabob
    Karn, Silver Golem
    Covetous Dragon
    Rishadan Port
    Mountain x5

    Ring Of Gix
    Hammer Of Bogardan
    ??? (something he didn`t SB in against me)

    The tournament was a whole heap of fun, both to play and to prepare for with some wacky decks going the rounds - a Celestial Convergence deck using Radiant`s Dragoons and Rishadan Pawnshop for instance - as well as some old favourites like Stompy and Ponza.

    Rishadan Pawnshop
    Seal of Cleansing
    Marble Diamond
    ???? (sorry, missed what it was)
    Parallax Wave
    Celestial Convergence
    Radiants Dragoons
    Forbidding Watchtower
    Plains x5

    Fountain Watch
    Honor The Fallen
    Monk Idealist

    By far the most succesful decks were the blue decks, overall, with 5 of the Top-8 being blue counterspell decks of some description. All three of the TEAM CAND!MAN Somnophore decks made it into the Top-8 (piloted by myself, Neil `Caribou` Rigby, and Andy `CounterSliver` McNish) alongside two straight Accelerated Blue decks with stuff like Palinchron, Morphling, Grim Monolith and Treachery. Also running high during the 3th and 4th rounds were a number of Suicide black decks, but they dropped back out of the Top-8 in the final two rounds.

    Playing in this format is currently very mixed because nobody has been in anything like it before. Because of this a lot of players were using perfectly okay decks but which weren`t quite cutting edge and so they lost 100% against the players with better decks. For instance the Celestial Convergence deck was wreaking havoc all day and was at 4-0 after the fourth round, but she then met two blue decks in the last two rounds and they only had to counter three spells all game (Rishadan Pawnshop, Celestial Convergence, and Replenish).
    This made the Swiss rounds seem very matchup based as a lot of players were in games they simply could not win no matter how they played their cards, but on the other hand the top-8 games were entirely decided by player skill because all the decks were top of the line and so the margin for error was 0% - one mistake and you lost because your opponent now had +1 card advantage. When more people have experience of the format and deckbuilding gets better this will be a VERY skillful and technically precise format to play in.

    I hear that, as a result of my article on this format for Starcity, Neutral Ground New York are planning to run tournaments using this format so it looks like we could be seeing far more of this sort of thing in future.

    "Highlander Rules - there can be only fifteen!"
  2. arhar Member

    Oh man Giz!
    Coming 2nd in the tournament, losing only to mana screw! God I know how it feels. Sorry man :(
  3. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    Congrats on introducing a new format to the world of Magic. What will it be called, though...TH, T15, T1000...
  4. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    congrats! The world of magic is expanding thanks to wonderful people like you
  5. superguy Helpful CPA Member MAGICBOY

    Hey man, congrtas!!!!
    finals!! wicked!1!!
    outta curiosity, what did u win? just curious, since winner gets a lotus :)
    You da man!
  6. Ristik New Member

    We could start a casual league using the new format through Apprentice and IRC. I'll register #cpa, or #casualmagic if they aren't already... btw, can we expect Nether Spirit to be banned after it smoked you?
  7. Apollo Bird Boy

    Congrats, Gizmo! That's really cool. Hope you got something cool for your troubles and your late night.
  8. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    Getting mana screwed in the finals is the story of my life. It cost me a trip to flordia last year :(
  9. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    ahh...sounds like you did ok until you got mana screwed.
    anyway did you win anything for coming in second, and what were some of the other decks played there.:D
  10. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    That deck looks casual! It looks like something a casual lpayer would play! Not the tinker-less tinker (tinkerbail) or the finkel-less black! Alright! Way to go!
  11. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Thanks, all - I was pretty glad with 2nd place, especially because I was at one win and two draws after the third round and near the bottom tables, but I had faith in my deck and it pulled it out. For my troubles I got 5 Masques, 5 Nemesis, 5 Prophecy, which I have already sold on for $40, so I mustn`t grumble (although I`d rather have the $200 for selling on a Lotus).

    Coming second is fine, I don`t get bitter when I lose (so long as I don`t make of a habit of it) and especially not to mana screw because it`s just part of the game. I`d much rather lose by mana screw than by making a mistake.

    And I don`t think Nether Spirit should be banned yet, but it stays on the watch list. Millstone is also potentially nasty but probably fine.
  12. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Good job Gizmo, you've done the CPA good [you DID remember to advertise us to your opponents right? :D ]

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