10th Edition: Mooseman vs SealTeamBill

The essence drain gives me 3 life not you. It still has a Target even though you pumped it up by 2., then 7. At the end of the turn it goes back to a 3/5. You get 1 life for the essence drain and 1 point for the uncontrollable anger. Lose 2 for the goblin. So, No damage and my enchantress stays at 5/5
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Nice play...I think the board right.

SealTeamBill: 20
Hand: 3
(T) Island
(TT) Swamp x2
(TT) Moutain x2
(T) Forest
(T) Forbidding Watchtower (taps for white; 1+1w Becomes a (1/5) White Solder to end of turn and still counts as a land.)
(T) Doubling Cube (A, 3+T: Double the amount of each type of mana in your pool.)
"Ruling: official Magic the Gathering 2020 site. Includes colorless and colored Mana. Any restrictions on mana in the Mana pool aren't copied, special lands and creatures that produce Mana."

(T) for effect Llanowar Elves (G)(1/1)(taps for 1 green mana.)
(T) for effect Prodigal Pyromancer (R)(1/1)(tap, deal 1 point of damage to target creature or player.)
(T) Goblin Elite Infantry (R)(2/2)(when blocking GEI recieves a -1/-1 until the end of turn.)
(S) Yavimaya Enchantress (G)(2/2+; +1/+1 for each ENCHANTMENT in play.) 3 in play 5/5
Graveyard:Incinerate, Essence drain, Sea Monster, Shimmering Wings, Giant Spider
Mooseman: 24
Hand: 4

(T) Plains
(TT) Swamp x2
(U) Island
(TT) Mountain x2
(U) Forest

High Ground (W) (E,Each creature you control can block an additional creature each combat.)
Demon's Horn (A,Whenever a player casts a black spell, you may gain 1 life.)
Dragon's Claw (A,Whenever a player casts a red spell, you may gain 1 life.)

(U) Canopy Spider (G) (Reach)~ Uncontrollable Anger (E, Flash Enchanted creature gets + 2 + 2 and attacks each turn if able .)
(U) Spineless Thug (B) (2/2,~ Can't Block)
(T) Festering Goblin (B) (1/1,When Festering Goblin dies, target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.)~ Pacifism (E, Enchanted creature cannot attack or block.)

Graveyard: Giant Spider, Cloud Sprite, Merfolk Looter, Righteousness


Isengar Tussle
It's right and .... You win. I got two 1 defense creatures and you stopped my only chance of getting rid of you sorcerer.
You could just sit back and ping me to death...
Let's do 2011 Core set
OMG I thought that you had a dragon or some kind of flying creature I would have been done. I won that one because I would not let you kill my fuking timmer