1-Drop Doom

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  1. Exaulted_Leader New Member

    Seeing CoK's new vanilla 1-drop reminded me of an old black deck I piloted a little while back, using some of the better 1-drops in the game - all of which belong to Black.

    Air Traffic

    4x Will-O-The-Wisp
    4x Putrid Imp
    4x Phyrexian Battleflies
    4x Molting Harpy
    4x Pit Imp
    4x Vampire Bats


    4x Dark Ritual
    4x Paralyze
    4x Unholy Strength
    4x Bad Moon


    20x Swamp

    The only card with a converted mana cost greater than 1 is Bad Moon, with a cost of 2. Every creature has flying (with the exception of Putrid Imp, which can gain flying at no mana cost), neutralizing most opponents' ability to defend themselves in the early game.

    Is there a better 1-drop enchant creature than Unholy Strength for black?
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    20 lands for a deck with this mana curve?
  3. Exaulted_Leader New Member

    20 lands ensures about 3 in my opening hand, which is ideal for speeding-out some Harpies and having extra Swamps to pitch to Putrid Imp.

    Besides that, 50% of my creatures require open mana on the board to pump their power beyond 0.
  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Okay, I guess the pumping thing does make it important to have lands...
  5. Gaea'sSaproling New Member

    Paralyze is old skool pimp shizzy gj!
  6. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Paralyze is Old-"COOL"!!!

    I like the idea of it being all flyers... I also like the idea of skirges...;)
  7. Force of Will Smith New Member

    If your making a deck like this, you NEED some better enchant creatures..
    the Parralax one, twisted experiment, etc.

    Look at looming spirit (Mirage) and Skittering SKirge..

    A huge problem is the 1 Dmg global spells that can demolish this.
    Basically what i see is a deck based around Vampire Bats

    4 Putrid Imp
    4 Battleflies
    4 Pit Imp
    4 Vampire Bats

    16 Vamp Bats..

    I had a deck like this that involved tossing out expendable beef..
    Skittering Skirge, Tarpit warrior, and the King of the Ring, Circling Vultures (well it was in this deck)

    one black for a 3/2 flier.

    Think about creatures like erg raiders, hasran ogress,
    Fledgling Djinn. Things that are susceptible to kill but incredibly overpowered.

    Or, you can take a different approach.. kill with "vamp bats"
    and cripple and punish their creatures with things like

    Tainted EN (From Mirrodin, with the elephant on it)(3 to attackers or blockers)
    Insubordination: (if they cant attack, 2 damage)
    Seizures( 10x better than paralyze, costs 3 to untap, they take 3 damage)

    if your doing this, consider sleeper agent, possibly light of day, darkest hour, or things like festering wound to kill over time without you doing anything..

    You yourself have no way of wiping out anything.. so id recommend to run pestilence with "Lurking" cards as a win condition...

    Lurking Hounds from Saga is 1 Black for a sleeping 3/2 hound that activates when an opponent has 10 life...
    if you pestilence for say 6.. and kill everything.. you have hounds to smear them with..

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