1.5 WW - Second round

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  1. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    After loosing in the third round to secret force, PLaneshift being now legal, AND a new 1.5 tourney tomorrow I have done some adjustments to my deck and came to the following configuration :

    18 Plains
    Creatures (20)
    2 Soltari Foot soldier 1/1 - Shadow = W
    4 Savannah Lion 2/1 - W
    3 Black night 2/2 - FS pro B - WW
    2 Longbow Archer 2/2 - FS - WW
    2 Soltarit Monk 2/1 - Shadow pro B - WW
    2 Soltari priest 2/1 - Shadow pro R - WW
    3 En Vec Paladin 2/2 - Pro R&B - WW1
    1 Masticore 4/4 - Broken machine gun - 4
    1 Serra Angel 4/4 - Flying - 3WW
    Utility (13)
    3 Land Tax - W
    3 Scroll rack - 2
    3 Crusade - WW
    2 Empyreal Armor - 1WW
    1 zuran orb - 0
    1 ivory tower - 1
    Board control (10)
    3 Sword to plowshare - W
    2 Abeyance 1W
    3 Parallax wave - 2WW
    1 Reverent Mantra - 3W
    1 Cataclysm - 2WW

    1 Sword to plowshare - W
    3 Orim's chant - W
    2 Abolish - 1WW
    2 Aura of silence - 1WW
    2 seal of cleansing - 1W
    3 Wrah of god - 2WW
    1 Ivory Mask
    1 Abeyance
    (61 cards total)------------------------
    Mana curve:
    0-1cc: 14
    2cc: 17
    3 cc: 5
    4 cc: 5

    Once again hard to determine the metagame, athough a lot of creatures and some control are to be expected.

    My hardest decisions :
    Crusade & E.armor count ?
    2 Abeyance Main deck ?
    Increase creature count to 24 but what to take out ???

    any last minute remarks or comments welcome.

    Thank you
  2. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    No comments so I guess it will have to do.
    I'll post how I did, in the unlikely event that some of you might be interested.
  3. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I personally wouldn't play with the crusades main. I would side the in against black. I am surprized you don't have mother of runes great card. I would put them in instead of foot soldiers. The Abeyance is a cantrip but if you need to cut for creatures that would be it.
  4. Mundungu grumpier than ever

    Aright, I managed to go through up to the 3d round like last time.

    I won 2-0 against aggro green in game one without problem as it was a 3rd tier deck

    Second turn, I went against U/W control featuring Blinding Angels, rootwater thief and morphlings, as well as teferi's moat.

    First game I was under Moat & Blinding angel lock (my only flyer was a serra angel, a last minute addition to my deck.
    I eventually swords his threats away, abolished the moat and came for the kill.

    Game two, I had very early creatures that finsihed him off relatively quickly.

    Third turn. Stupid reb sligh.

    First game I played 1 land first turn after mulliganning.
    That's it. No more lands. I lost that one. Surprise.

    Second game, He has this enchantment out that forbids W creatures to block, but I have icory mask out and manage to rush him to a kill. Barely.

    Thrid game was pathetic.
    Third turn he played ball lightning followed by fourth turn Ball lightning double fireblast and lightning bolt. my first strikers wher all in hiding so I ate my 23 damage and went home.

    Thats it. No more WW for me for a long time. Next time I'll go back to my old beloved TS or Rec sur.

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