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Making It Work (1b): Dreamborn Muse
By Douwe Terluin
I apologize. The desire to write articles about magic overtook this poor sap and stunted the true goal of writing such articles: multiplayer creativity. As Jorael pointed out several times in his chronicles of challenges met, were are not about Ďthe winí. We are about the multiplayer and therefore, in my opinion, about politics.
Some time ago I met some friends for a night of Magic fun. A memorable game featured a BG beatdown deck, a toned down Affinity and my own white weenie deck. First of all, Iíll have to explain my own deck.
When first I saw Equal Treatment I wanted to create a deck which consisted of 1/3 creatures. I wanted to play the Treatment and see how all my creatures survived combat and dealt double damage. Putting the deck together I had abandoned the idea that this could be competitive deck and only put effort into finding creatures that would confuse people (Trap Digger seems to have this effect on people, for example).
Back to the night in question, the Affinity player was running rampant. None of the other decks were packing mass artifact removal and through some strange coincidence only one Naturalize had been played. Then came the card that swung the game around.

Shieldmage Advocate 2W
Tap: Return target card in an opponent's graveyard to his or her hand. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to target creature or player this turn by a source of your choice

Every turn I would prevent all damage a Myr Enforcer would deal to me and return the Naturalize to my other opponentís hand. No other player controlled a artifact or enchantment that needed removing, so this meant that the Affinity player lost his best permanent every turn. After I drew my second Advocate all the other players were back in the game.

Then it hit me. All the advocates were giving opponents cards back from their graveyard and removing threats at the same time. A good way to ensure that there are enough cards in their graveyards AND creating a drawback for the number of cards in oneís hand is the Dreamborn Muse.

I would like to present the following:

Creatures (16)
4x Dreamborn Muse
4x Pulsemage Advocate
3x Scrivener
2x Shieldmage Advocate
3x Spurnmage Advocate
Spells (20)
2x Brain Freeze
2x Brainstorm
3x Catalog
1x Ray of Distortion
2x Reminisce
1x Stifle
4x Turnabout
1x Twitch
2x Twiddle
2x Words of Wisdom
Lands (24)
2x High Market
13x Island
9x Plains

The deck is a blast to play with. Handing people back all the lands you milled is somewhat risky, but one worth taking. And using the Pulsemage Advocate to animate a Scrivener can return a Twiddle to your hand. You can then untap the Advocate, animate a Muse and mill someone for six additional cards. Some of the card choices might need explaining:
Stifle: The deck is just packing one in case someone mills a single Gaeaís Blessing. You can sometimes respond to the trigger by returning any copies of the Blessing to their hands so they canít stack their deck with new ones.
Words of Wisdom: If an opponents library is completely empty during their upkeep, they might just have a trick up their sleeve to replace some cards. Respond with this.

The deck has a very slow start but the Advocates put up a good defense. Donít be afraid to return creature removal to an opponentís hand to activate a Spurnmage Advocate; chances are, the removal will not be headed your way.

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