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Not THAT deck again...
By Stephen O. Bahl
Necropotence - Zur’s Weirding
Megrim – Memory Jar
Oath of Druids – Gaea’s Blessing

You know, I love hearing that.

High Tide – Palinchron
Ophidian – Forbid
Fireblast – Fork

Building a killer deck can take time, but it can also pay off. The opponent plays Drudge Skeletons, and then dies next turn. He thinks he’s won when he drops a huge creature, but it then its gone and he’s being beaten down by a 1/1. “I’ll play you if you use a different deck.”

Null Brooch – Ensnaring Bridge
Tolarian Academy – Mind over Matter
Mind Twist – The Rack

But it’s okay. I’ve got more where that one came from. It’s really cute when they try ganging up on you to win, but lose anyway. They say they need to build better decks. Well, of course they do…

Land Tax – Scroll Rack
Stasis – Chronatog
Opalescence – Replenish

I think my favorite thing about Magic is the combos. There are so many ways to combine cards in ways that absolutely slaughter the opponent.

Winter Orb – Icy Manipulator
Earthcraft – Squirrel Nest
Fluctuator – Songs of the Damned

Of course Magic is a solo game. The opponent is only there to try to stop you from winning. Don’t let the opponent do that. Being a casual player is different from being a bad player.

Illusions of Grandeur – Donate
Phyrexian Dreadnought – Illusionary Mask
Dauthi Horror – Hatred

So, why the card combos that I’ve been listing periodically in this article? One thing applies to all of them: the title of this article. You might here that phrase, or some variant of it used with any of them. I’ve been on one end of all of these and many more. They are the decks that are fun to play, and challenging to play against. Well, often they’re challenging to play WITH as well. That’s part of the game though…

Fastbond – Gush
Exploration – Horn of Greed
Dream Halls – Time Spiral
Relentless Assault – Dwarven Pony
Cabal Therapy – Academy Rector
Auratog – Rancor
Animate Dead – Worldgorger Dragon
Pandemonium – Saproling Burst
Deranged Hermit – Opposition
Entomb – Exhume
Tinker – Darksteel Colossus
Arcbound Ravager – Skullclamp
Mind’s Desire – Tendrils of Agony
Yawgmoth’s Bargain – Skirge Familiar
Channel – Kaervek’s Torch
Mishra’s Factory – Standstill
Hermit Druid – Anger
Goblin Welder – Mindslaver
Goblin Rectruiter – Goblin Ringleader
Pariah – Cho-Manno, Revolutionary
Balance – Zuran Orb

Always remember that the best part about casual Magic is hearing “not THAT deck again.”

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