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Vintage at it's finest
By Mike Solymossy
Milwaukee Wisconsin, August first. That's this Sunday. Vintage players from all over the state will come drop their 20 dollar entrance and stake their claim on a piece of the Power 9.
The prize for the day you ask? An unlimited Mox Ruby. Not a bad prize, not to mention they will be allowing 10 proxies.

I have been preparing for these tournaments for the last 4 or so months, but things have always come up which have disallowed my presence at these fine events.

Anyone who knows me knows that even though I visit these fine casual formats, I am by no means a casual player. Throughout my days as a magic player I have owned 4 pieces of power, 1 bazaar of baghdad, which I currently own, 2 mana drains, 1 mishra's workshop, and an alpha sol ring. I have ALWAYS dreamed of actually playing these cards, instead of merely owning them and selling them for profits. Well, sunday is my chance. 10 proxy type 1. The guys who play there are Chitown and Milwaukee type 1 vintage players. I will get my chance to play with the greatest vintage players in the area.

I have played type 1 tournaments before, but never fully powered fields. I am so nervous about the style of play. What if I make a mistake and forget to do something that I should? What about stack rules, which I am both clear and unclear about at certain points. I have been assured that judges will be in the house, and that play is not cutthroat.

I think I have a chance at this mox, though. I have almost any card at my disposal, with friends owning the bazaars, drains, berserks, and workshops needed to make any type 1 deck.

I have decided however, to run Fish. 4 proxies run the deck, Timewalk, ancestral recall, Mox sappire, and Library of alexandria. Fish is a very strong deck. It has no real weaknesses, it's at least 50/50 with any deck out there. A simple Force of will or even DAZE can mess up a combo or a control player's stratagies. In playtesting it holds a fine stance against Trini-stacks, tog, belcher, FCG, and even Dragon. It's sideboard makes games even more one-sided.

I'd post my deck, but I'm still tweaking it.

I'm starting to feel these pre-game jitters. You know, before a big tournament when you have dreams about winning it, or just get so numb from nervousness. It's a feeling all magic players share. some call us nerds, but for the most part, we're not. Most of us (at least that I know), have girlfriends or even wives, have jobs, I for one have played many sports and enjoy partying also. I guess this is what it is to be a vintage player though.

One small step for 13nova, one giant leap, for vintage playing.

I hope you guys can decipher this random rabblerabble, I'm in a very laxidasical mood.

well, I'm off to playtest some more. I'll write a report as soon as I get back sunday night.

(btw, anyone trade their library for a bazaar? haha)

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