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By John Fu, it's been quite a while since I first started playing.

I remember seeing this game when it first came out. It was being played by some guys at the downtown San Jose Martin Luther King branch of the library. Back then chess was still allowed in the Library, so the Magic group thought it was ok to play there. (Incidentally the chess crowd got the boot when an older fellow got very excited about the king's pawn gambit and started taunting every one in a very loud voice. This promptly got everyone kicked out and banned forever.) The very first thing I remember vividly was the smell. Those guys who were playing smelled like they been dead for three days. It seemed like they would rather be playing magic than showering or anything else dealing with personal hygene. It turned me off to the game immeadiately.

It would be years later until I would try to play the game. I had many friends who played magic in highschool and I did not want to play because of that one incident in high school. It wasn't until senior year that I played my first game of magic. I was hooked. I just wanted to play, tap stuff, and make decks. I would always be using my friends cards as I didn't have cards of my own.

I became an instant rules monger as I would always be pushing the limits of the rules and also be defending myself from the same from my friends. As I got into college, I played more and more. My first year of college, magic would be the only thing I did between classes. This isn't as bad as it sounds. I went to a JC for a while so between classes I would be lounging around on campus regardless. I bought a few packs with nothing to really show for them. They were pretty much weak cards. I don't think I kept those cards. I think I either chucked them or gave them away. I still enjoyed playing but I didn't want to buy anymore packs at that point.

So I made a policy about purchasing decks only. I would only buy cards that individually to make decks. And the first deck I put together was the slivers. Slivers were the coolest things to hit Magic. I didn't want to use anything else. A little later I made a pure burn deck. Both decks I still have and fine tune with every set that comes out. I even have a sliver queen life counter. I have made other decks and recently took up purchasing cards in packs since my friends have gotten into the game.

Magic to me is like a mental excercise. I use it to work out my mind along with other games like chess. However, to this day, I don't like to and often will refuse to play with people who have poor hygene and people skills. I don't laugh at lame magic jokes and I don't think cards people make up are all that cool. Anyone who uses a net deck is weak and has nothing to boast about. I do have a twisted name for every Magic card.(I think.) I do lead a very much healthy and active life and would not fit the bill as the average magic player. I am done with college and do many other things than play games all day. I enjoy sports and martial arts. I like to hit the gym every day for about an hour or so.

My name is John and I play Magic.

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