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Participating NOW!-- Introducing The Orgg
By Jensen Bohren
In response to SeFRo's little challenge to introduce the 'feature' writers of the CPA, I give you my story and/or background.

The Orgg, Verbose Ranter, Editor, and Rules Lawyer

Green Things, everyone. My full name is 'Jensen Dal Bohren,' a misleadingly middle-eastern sounding name which I really don't care for in this time period, and so I ask everyone who knows me for magic-related reasons on the 'net and (if they can't remember my name) in real life. Why? Well, growing up I was always the kid that got pushed around and taunted because he was fat. I weighed 185 pounds in first grade, and was already over 5' tall(according to a report card from that era). I had very few friends, and was usually taller than the teachers. Early in the game, I saw the Fallen Empires card known as 'Orgg' and identified with it. It was large. It looked heavy. And it, like me, didn't like to fight. Before going online the first time, I already knew that online my name would be The Orgg. At that point, however, Hotmail didn't allow capitals or spaces(and I didn't know about the underscore). Thus, theorgg became the most common nominicker for me online, though sometimes I will capitalize or add spaces.

Magic for me was originally a 'borrow a deck from the rich kid on the schoolyard, play a chaos game on the blacktop' kind of thing. I didn't really care what happened, as it was just good to be in a group of people so the mob of rednecked bullies wouldn't decide to surround and drag me into another fight. I was more interested in the fad known as 'Pog' at the time, another game I played with my sparse circle of friends, and sank too much money into it. One friend of mine took the opposite road, sticking with his thirty or so Pogs and buying into Magic. This was the November or December of Revised times; a little Dark was out there, Fallen Empires was very commonly seen, and Ice Age would be released soon. I didn't really care, as I would just borrow a deck and play. Along came Christmas of the year. I pick up what was called a 'starter deck' at the time of 4th Edition and three Homelands boosters for my friend. I get curious, and end up opening one of the packs of Homelands, and staring back at me was Abbey Gargoyles. My first thought? "Cool!" Needless to say, my friend only received the starter that year. Since that point, I have not completly stopped playing the game, though there's time periods where my playing hasn't been as often as I would have liked, such as college and currently.

When I finally got online, I started reading The Dojo and every day, and became even more addicted to the game and the online scene. Having moved to Georgia, I became more interested in the game's mechanics itself and began studying the rules in ernest when the 6th edition changes happened. I eventually could hear a situation and name off the numbers that applied to it, or tell you the sections to reference with a question. Sadly, that no longer is with me, as the rules have been changed and renumbered since then, and minor tweaks here or there have made some areas of the rules more like vague recollections or deja-vu than concrete certainty.

My articles usually are just little thought processes that have been sitting in my mind for a while, and eventually something will set them off and boil over that node of thought, causing me to spew off a few dozen sentences that don't terminate when most people's sentences would terminate due to things like the simicolon, comma, or "comma and/or," or perhapse ignorance of the language of english. I'll allow you, the reader, to decide which of those possibilities are the reasons for the wordcounts of my articles to be more than the 'average' Magic Article Sentence legnth. My most famous (or, more accuratly, INFAMOUS) article was '[url=]Mr. T vs Magic: The Gathering[/url],' a MSPainted comic strip that was linked to by The,,,, and ripped off by some spanish site. The articles that are probably the best remembered are three interviews that I did for the CPA with the entire Magic community's help. Peter Adkison, then the CEO of Wizards of the Coast participated in my first interview, and Mark Rosewater also accepted a near-duplicate of that interview after some red tape had been cleared. After Mr. Adkison's interview, I asked permission to interveiw Doctor Richard Garfield. I recieved a very brief e-mail from the creator of this beloved game itself agreeing to do an interview. It took a lot of time, and another internet author in the meantime came out with an interview of Dr. Garfield before mine. However, I am quite proud of how the interviews went. I know that very few people will know those as my articles specifically, but those who read them will agree they are my best work, though the work was all editorial in nature. No rants and raves about rules, flavor, or tournaments can compare.

I also, for a short time, edited the front page for the CPA. I was relieved from that duty by Chaos Turtle for a time, who passed the torch to Istanbul, and who cast it down when he was attacked for censoring profanity. Spiderman picked it up the torch and the censorship stamp and is currently the one who should be editing this Oink. (Indeed I am - Spidey)

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