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Contest Entry - Mana Cache
By Istanbul
I KNEW IT! I KNEW there was a way to break Mana Cache, and I've finally figured out what it is!

20x Mountain
4x Mana Cache
3x Manabarbs
4x Gamble
3x Masticore
4x Cinder Elemental
4x Blaze
4x Shock
4x Seal of Fire
4x Fault Line
3x Powder Keg
3x Earthquake

I honestly feel that this deck not only breaks Mana Cache, but has a good chance in the current T2 scene. A healthy dose of burn clears away creatures, Fault Line, and Earthquake is a great way to get rid of swarms like Rebels and Stompy. Replenish hates Manabarbs and Powder Keg (Oh look, your enchantments are creatures now). Cinder Elemental, Blaze, and Masticore all make use of the mana that your opponent is afraid to use because of Manabarbs, and Gamble gets you to the missing part of the Barbs/Cache combo.

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