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"Scrubs Corner": Venting 101
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello all!

I've missed writing for casualplayers (my home) but I was offered an opportunity to write for and get paid.

"Someone wants to pay YOU to write? WTF MATE?!@"

*shrugh* Yeah, I quess my writing seems good enough for more just my 'casual' ground (3 and growing!).

Anyhow, I hope all 3 of my p33ps that read my articles will stop out and read them at

"Yeah, yeah, ok, whatever--enough talking--whatcha you want?"

Personal goals. A new car. A cute girlfriend. Money, fame.

But, more than that-a personal, short term, gratification in venting myself, and then geting some feedback?


Ok, I want to ask you what YOU would do in the position I am about to put you in..

Your watching your friend play the last round of a sealed deck tournament. His opponent is a very rude, snotting little kid, who seems to be playing very suspiciously. Your friend has Grinning Demon in play and is at 2 life, with only one more swing to kill his opponent.

During your friend's upkeep he forgets to take the damage from Grinning Demon, and your opponent doesn't catch on either.

Your friend attacks, and the opponent is about to take the damage...

Obviously, most people would say "Derf...sure you step in...derf"

But, do you?

I want honest answers. Would YOU step in and tell you friend he forgot to take the damage?

Or would you wait till the game is over, and point out the mistake. Does it matter the opponent is snotty, rude and very suspicious in play? Yeah, it does. As honest of a player I am, I wouldn't be upset if someone lost a game because he forgot to attack, or is being outlandish.

Sure, you might SAY you should do the right thing, but would YOU really do?

Let the spam, or honesty, flow forth!

Email me or post in the forums, I'd LOVE to hear from anyone.

Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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