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By Jeff Boes
(I've been visiting this site for a couple months; the number of deck articles submitted during that time has been abysmally low, so I thought I would do my part by posting one of my "silly casual" decks every week or so. Stop me when you've had enough; better yet, submit something better that makes me ashamed to post mine! 8-)

(The reason why is because most deck submissions are not as "detailed" as yours or other examples; most just simply state the deck and ask 'how can I improve this?', in which case I tell the author to submit it to the Deck Forum. - Spidey)

A lot of my casual decks start out as attempts to break, or at least spotlight, some obscure "crap rare" in a T2 set. Rather than spend $10 on a single Ravager or Chrome Mox, I'd rather spend $10 and get 20 rares of various sorts, even if they aren't tournament quality. Let's face it, for me 99% of my Magic-playing is face to face with my son, at home over the dining room table, and the only thing at stake is whether the winner can cause the loser to groan piteously when the axe falls ...

So with that in mind, I sat there looking at my set of Blinkmoth Urns, first wishing that they were Blinkmoth Nexuses (Nexi?), then gradually realizing they were ripe for mixing into a deck that demanded a big pile of mana.

First off, you have to remember that for cards like this (and the archtypes, Howling Mine and Mana Flare), your opponent will get to use the effect first. So you have to plan for this. If they're sitting on an "X" spell, you could be dead before you untap. But if they're sitting on a 7-mana creature without haste, no big deal.

Here's the decklist, then I'll explain some of the card choices.

4x Great Furnace
4x Tree of Tales
2x Blinkmoth Well
7x Mountain
3x Talisman of Impulse

4x Iron Myr
4x Copper Myr
2x Goblin Replica
2x Elf Replica
2x Clockwork Dragon
2x Nuisance Engine
2x Slagworm Armor
2x Dead-Iron Sledge
2x Myr Incubator
1x Myr Matrix
4x Synod Sanctum
1x Altar of Shadows
2x Planar Portal
4x Blinkmoth Urn
1x Atog
3x Goblin Dynamo
3x Fireball

Okay, what the heck is all this about? Well, the primary aim of the deck is to drop a lot of artifacts, play defensively (don't be afraid to chump block with your mana Myr until you can get out a Nuisance Engine, an Atog or a Goblin Dynamo), and then on turn N-1 drop a Blinkmoth Urn, followed on turn N by a Fireball for a lot.

Along the way, various tricks are available:

Planar Portal is good to retrieve that missing part of your setup. You'd be surprised how often you can cast and activate it on the same turn!

Atog belongs primarily to deal with "can't target me" kinds of decks.

Synod Sanctum has a couple of purposes: it is emergency rescue for your permanents if they are targeted, and it can "park" a Blinkmoth Urn in limbo until you need it, if your opponent will get too much benefit from it. Blinkmoth Well does likewise. Note that there's a real possibility for your opponent to take mana burn in some situations. Be alert to that, and let it work for you.

The Goblin and Elf Replicas are obviously better than Shatter and Naturalize in this deck, because you'd rather have a blocker and an artifact permanent to pump up your mana.

Goblin Dynamo is a lot of fun here. If he hits the table, and your opponent manages to kill your Urn before you can untap again, he's still a 4/4 body that pings for free, and he's a near-uncounterable Fireball just as soon as you can get another Urn out.

The land count is really low, even for a casual deck. You have to be unafraid to mulligan into a two-land, one-Myr draw, but sometimes two or three mulligans won't do it. I've had good luck, but maybe you'll want to dump 4 cards for cycling lands.

I really ought to have Blaze in here, but -- gulp -- would you believe I don't own any?

Last night I played this deck. On my second-to-last turn, I finally drew a Fireball, but didn't have enough mana to kill my opponent. So I activated my Myr Incubator for about 12 cards, which incidently gave me more than enough blockers to survive the next attack. On my turn, I untapped at one life, and Fireballed my opponent for 20+. Whee!

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