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Four Out Of Five Dentists
By Jeff Boes
The title is, of course, a take-off on the Trident gum tagline. What I've got for your consideration is a terrifically fun B/R deck using Surestrike Trident and all those crappy B or R creatures languishing in your collection. You know, under-achievers like:

4x Lesser Gargadon
4x Drinker of Sorrow
4x Okk
4x Mogg Sentry

and our all-star,

4x Wall of Blood

4x Great Furnace
4x Vault of Shadows
4x Mountain
4x Swamp
4x Urborg Volcano
4x Talisman of Indulgence

our previously mentioned 20 creatures,

4x Surestrike Trident
4x Grab the Reins
4x Dark Banishing
4x Shrapnel Blast

That's just a sort of sketch; you can clearly improve this with more expensive cards. The Mogg Sentry can leave, if you don't expect to be playing decks that cast a lot of spells per turn (such as Affinity). A few Diabolic Tutors and a full complement of fetchlands would certainly make the deck more reliable.

In case it's not yet obvious, most of the creatures have some large defect that prevents them from being full-fledged attackers (Okk, for instance, is one of those cards that just makes you want to cry). But with a Trident in hand, not only can they all "attack" ignoring their limitation, but they can do so unblockably, at instant speed, even on your opponent's turn! And the possiblity of a 15/16 Wall of Blood followed by Shrapnel Blast or Grab the Reins ... just too much fun to ignore.

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