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View From The Commons Bin
By Anthony Scott
Full Circle

I apologize for my absence. School got out about a week ago and I have spent the rest of the time moving across the state. I am here to make up for it.

I moved in with a guy named Matt. Matt is one of my oldest friends and is the one that taught me to play Magic. He's the one to blame for my spending insane amounts of money on this wonderful game. He's the guy that used to hand me my ass regularly. We still have fond memories of when Giant Oyster and Radjan Spirit were power cards.

Then one day he quit.

He gave us a lot of reasons: His back hurt, he didn't enjoy the game any more, etc. It came as a shock to me. It came as even more of a shock when he sold his entire collection (including a Juzam Djinn) to a friend of ours for $500.00 My teacher, my friend was gone from the Magic world. I felt a little like Obi-Wan when Qui-Gon died.

Anyway, I went to his place over spring break the last couple of years and played with my friend Chris (the very definition of a casual player). Matt would watch us play and you could tell he wanted to get back into it.

The other day he suggested we try something. We went out and bought six boosters of Mercadian Masques, a starter deck of it, 3 boosters of Nemesis and one 666 Edition booster (I have sinned!!) We started making decks out of just those expansions and playing against each other.

Things are just like they were in the beginning but now the roles are reversed.

I am now the guy with all the cards and Matt has very little. I am the one with the extensive rules knowledge and Matt wasn't even aware that 666 Edition changed the rules.

It just goes to show how powerful this game is. My friend quit in disgust at all the expansions being printed and trying to keep up with it, not any of the other reasons he gave us. The breakneck speed of releases is not only daunting to prices of singles, but also daunting to players.

But Matt came back.

No matter how much product WotC tries to move in a certain time frame, Magic remains fun. No matter how many expansions are released or what expansions you play with, Magic remains fun. You have never truly played Magic until you play an all-Fallen Empires match. More fun than you would think.

In this format, we are only allowed Masques block cards and 666 Edition (sigh...). No worries about how this card will interact with an Alliances card, just good, old-fashioned, definitely casual decks. This is a good option for those of you daunted by the blitzkrieg of new releases. It is good to have my friend back.

Besides, I love this format. Where else can you beat your opponent to death with an Unholy Strengthened Chub Toad?

I remain,
The Baron
"Now, if they'd only reprint Giant Oyster ..."

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