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States Decks, and a Loco's Take on What's to Come!
By Robert Hilliard
States Decks, and a Loco’s Take on the What’s to Come!

As you all may/may not know, at the beginning of November every year are the State Championship Tournaments for Magic: The Gathering. The great thing about this is that a new set has, usually, just been released. The not-so-great thing about this is being at the tourney with the umpteen billions of foul-smelling particles in the air that have been contaminated by weeks’ worth of sweat built up on players that have done nothing but concentrate on this tourney so much recently, that soap and water have slipped their mind.

In all actuality, it is not that bad… but if you’re sitting next to the right person, you may think it is...

My experiences at States competitions have been few and far between, but what I like most is the variety of decks that can be found. This last year’s States competitions, were no exceptions. I did a little research and here’s the breakdown, by deck archetype of what was played and where:

Blue – Broodstar – Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Washington, West Virginia,

Blue/White Control – Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming

R/W Astral Slide – Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin

G/R Stompy – Arkansas, Missouri, Utah

B/R Goblin-Bidding – California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, New York, North Dakota

Mono-Black/Black-Mix Control (Red, Blue, White were mixed) – Florida, Iowa, Montana, Oregon, Louisiana, Nebraska, Virginia

Mono-Red – Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma

R/W Control – Rhode Island

Mississippi – Didn’t report any deck information because they were ashamed that all players brought their Pokemon decks, and left their Magic decks at home. So they have a State Champion, whose kill was Jigglypuff!

In related news: The Governor of Mississippi has called for Federal aid to help combat the Pokemon mind control issues that have plagued that state for almost 8 years now.

In Other Related News: President "W" told the governor of Mississippi that a machine gun and a case of shells works wonders on Pokemon-brainwashed adults. (Get ‘em "W"...)

Now – Back to the Magic topic:

There were a total of 50 different decks winning U.S. State competitions. Of those 50, 21 were decks with Blue in them. The number that had Green in them – 3, it was a sad day for Magic… I won’t go off on my typical "Blue Stinks" rants, because I wish to use this article as a means to say that Blue was not the strongest color represented in this entire format – Red was!!!... Red will win states - with a little help...

Red appeared in more winning decks than any other color at states this year. This means that not enough Conversions, Cop: Red, and Warmths were on the table. What’s great about this is that Red has appeared to gain strength with the advent of Mirrodin. Not only does Red have access to more abilities normally found in other colors through Mirrodin’s artifact population, but it also has enough "UMPH!" to whup tail at states!!!

This makes me tear up, in sheer joy that Red is going to have it’s day. Speed Red is back. Control Red is on the Rise. And Green/Red will triumph this year at Worlds! (Green has gotten some strong suits in Mirrodin.)

Yeah – I went out on a limb and said it – Green/Red will win Worlds. Here’s why:

The power of Green in being able to control the environment, and still have speed with mana acceleration, mixed with Red’s burn and Control can stomp Broodstar, Blue/White control, Mono-White, B/W control, Red/White Control, and even it’s own Red Goblin Archetype!

Troll Ascetics, Deconstruct, and Brown Ouphes lead the way, while the Flames of Red burn all in the way. Silver Knights – Eat my Pyrite Spellbombs!

Look at all the Artifact manipulation/destruction that is available between the Mirrodin artifacts, Green, and Red, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Red will have its day at Worlds, Next to Green of course – and Blue will be left stinking it up.

That was what I saw coming out of State Championship decks. The only reason Green didn’t have a stronger showing at States – There’s a conspiracy to keep it down. Actually I think it’s because there weren’t enough people with the cajones to run such a rogue deck - as it always is with States.

And you Mississippi guys – just joshin’ you about Pokemon! – Though Professor Oaks might have helped some of you a little more than Charizard!…

This train will stop in again sometime soon. That’s it for now!


P.S. - They’re coming! The Blow-Torching Tree-Lovers are Coming!

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