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A couple of deck ideas
By Luke Twigger

Before I start, I'd just like to say that this is my first ever Magic article and that I've only been playing a couple of months against friends in casual matches, nothing serious. We play by 6th Edition rules but allow any cards from any expansion - however, none of us own any cards which are banned anyway so it's not really an issue. The most successful decks in our group are a mono-red Goblin deck and a mono-blue Merfolk deck, both utilising the Goblin King/Lord of Atlantis engine, so we're none too sophisticated but we have fun which is the main thing :-)

From trawling through eBay and Yahoo auctions I've acquired about 2000 cards which was enough to get me started and to make quite a few entertaining decks, but I don't always have the ideal cards for a particular theme or situation but instead make do with my nearest equivalent. So, if you think I'm using lame cards, it's because they're all I've got and it doesn't really bother me - I tend to get bored and dissemble a deck after a couple of weeks anyhow so there's no point spending loads of cash on "ideal" cards cos a month later they'll be surplus to my requirements.

Elephant Gun

This isn't really an entire deck, this is a cool combo which could slot into a green and blue deck.

I was browsing my cards the other night, and came across the Venomous Fangs card from Urza's Saga. The wording is "Whenever enchanted creature successfully deals damage to a creature, destroy that creature." I don't know why but little alarm bells started going off in my head and made me think of Prodigal Sorcerer.

So you tap your Prodigal Sorcerer with Venomous Fangs and he can TOTALLY destroy ANY creature! No matter how big, fat, pumpable, flying, shadow, whatever! Of course there's Regeneration to spoil your fun, but not too many creatures get that.

In place of Prodigal Sorcerer you could insert Thornwind Fairies, Zuran Spellcaster, Stinging Barrier or any other "Tim"-type creature. I haven't spotted any viable alternatives for Venomous Fangs yet though.

I currently have this mechanism built into what I call my Enchantress Deck - Verduran and Yavimaya Enchantresses, Ancestral Mask and Rabid Wombat with lots of Hidden stuff and other cheap enchantments boost them.


I don't really have a cool name for this deck - any suggestions? The basic idea is to take spells with global effects such as Pestilence which normally have a detrimental effect on your own creatures as well as everyone else's, but to pair those with untargetable or protected creatures such as Deadly Insect. It's quite a flexible strategy with a big choice of possible cards.

In terms of attack you probably have to go red or black - Steam Blast, Tremor, Pestilence, Dry Spell, Nausea, Massacre, Marsh Gas, Festering Evil, etc - there's plenty more!

In terms of defence you probably have to go white or green - Circle of Protection, Rune of Protection, Cho-Manno's Blessing, Repentant Blacksmith, Nightwind Glider, Thermal Glider, Paladin-en-Vec, Deadly Insect, Elvish Scout, Jolrael's Centaur, Twisting Dervish, etc - again there's plenty more to choose from.

You will obviously have to marry the attack and defense colours together to ensure that if you take red attack spells your creatures come with as much built in Protection from red as possible. Better than colour protection is the "cannot be the target of spells or abilities" ability - which comes with an added bonus of immunity to nasty tricks your opponents might use such as Wrath of God. You must remember not to bother packing any creature enchantments, Giant Growths, etc as they'll be useless though. Also, not too many creatures have this and all are green AFAIK. [Great idea, but it doesn't work. Wrath of God and False Prophet still destroy creatures because they are a general, non-targetted effect. Pestilence will kill a Deadly Insect or Pincer Beetle because the damage is not targetted, only general. However, the Black or Red global damage/White Protection deck is extremely viable. -edt.]

I went the green/black route based on my card collection and ended up with an additional cunning trick - Fog. This stops your opponent's creatures from damaging in combat while yours charge on through.

The one problem with this approach is when you're playing team Magic, as you'll probably end up annoying your team mates almost as much as your opponents unless they're playing a similar deck or a creatureless deck. Be sure to warn them beforehand! [Along the lines of Venomous Fangs, Venom (1GG, Enchant Creature) destroys creatures whether or not damage is dealt as long as they are blocked or blocking. It combos well with Fog. -edt.]

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my first, brief foray into the world of online Magic and that somebody, somewhere has found this article to be of some use. I'd love to hear any questions, comments or suggestions - either use the interactive comment facility below or send me an email at


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