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The Depot #2
By Robert Hilliard
The Depot #2

I’m pulling in for another pit stop, and I need to cool off for a bit. I’ll give an explanation before going off. You’ve been warned.

I mentioned last time that I was going to write about the Limited Formats that are frequently used for tournaments. Here is the reason for the subject. In judging the 8th edition release tourney, I overheard a player speaking to another player about how he changed his deck contents after the first round. Being a believer in the Rules, and wanting to find out what was going on, I asked him what he was talking about. He said that his previous color combination was not working well for him and he changed them so the deck would play better. I smacked him with a game loss and they moved on to game 3. He lost that round. Deserved him well. He could’ve at least asked a judge.

I explained - that’s a No!!-No!!. This was a 5-pack Sealed Deck style tournament, and once you make your deck you should use the rest of the cards as your sideboard. This I knew. Well I asked him a little more about it, and he was told he could by another player. The other player was not his opponent. So there wasn’t a set-up going on. I told him what he needed to do each round, and how he could change out colors while side-boarding if he liked, but that the deck needed to be reset at the beginning of every match.

I grabbed my backhoe and then excavated more details from the gamers in attendance on the situation. And I didn’t hide the fact that I was looking into it. Had this gotten around to other players – I could’ve had a whole tourney room filled with Cheaters! Turns out a group of players said this was the way they were allowed to do it at Pre-Release Tourneys, and the way it was in Magic Online. I’ve not played sealed Online, but I knew this couldn’t be right.

Determined to be right(which happens most of the time now) I ever so calmly returned to my table and pulled out the rules notebook on sanctioned formats and began looking up rules.

Rule 131 of the Floor Rules says:
-All cards a player received but is not using in his or her main deck become that player’s sideboard.

Rule 132. “Sideboard Use” says:
-Any drafted or opened cards not used in a player’s Limited deck function as his or her sideboard. Players may not look at their sideboards during a game.
-Before the beginning of the second or subsequent game in a match, players may change the composition of their decks by exchanging cards from their decks for cards in their sideboards. Players can also request additional land at this time. There are no restrictions on the number of cards a player may exchange this way as long as the main deck contains at least forty cards. Cards do not need to be exchanged on a one-for-one basis.


I read over those rules and got the meaning of them, which as head judge means that the way I interpret them is “Word of train”, and ends any debate, ‘cept for appeals. Those also stop at me.
I then asked the player spreading this blasphemy to read the rules(which I had pulled up on the DCI website so they didn’t think I had out of date material…) and asked him if he understood them. He replied “I don’t see where in there it tells me I can’t change the content of my deck between rounds”. We then tried to look up the definition of “Sideboard”, and it wasn’t in the Comp. Rules glossary. And the Floor Rules didn’t have one. So I let him know that for this tourney it was not allowed.

I got more 4-1-1 throughout the night about the atrocity going on at these other tourneys. This was for real!(dude…)
(don’t ask – it just seemed to fit…)

Turns out they played this way in the Dallas area. According to them, this is how all the release and sealed tourneys were run in said area. They also said this is how they were allowed to run their decks with a coordinator from the Houston area. When I asked for names of coordinators – they didn’t know them. When I was told a judge told them they could do this, their memory was again missing the judge’s personal info. Either they were on crack at the time, and they shared said crack with this “judge”, or they didn’t want their cheating ways to come to an end.

I do know people in those areas, I know a lot of people in a lot of areas, but the tourneys I’ve been to in those areas, were not done like this.

Ticked me off knowing I could’ve been cheated!!!…

Ticked me off even more that the word Sideboard was not in the Comp. Rules. Raised my level of Ticked-offedness that there was not a glossary for Floor Rules. (Note to self: Petition WOTC for Sideboard to be in the Glossary.) So I was pretty ticked off to hear/find out all this!

Made me feel better that the blasphemer didn’t make the top 8 cut. Especially after he argued the being able to do this.

Now I’m moving on to those judges allowing cheating!!!…

Fair warning – this is Texas, contacting the DCI to resolve this would take too long! All I need is a rope!

What the frick is a judge thinking that lets someone modify their deck after it has been built, between matches. Is he thinking? Has he had his quality snort this morning, or cooked his rock? Heck – I’d love to have that judge at a Standard tourney! Oh – you’re playing Psychatog, here, let me change this a bit and run these Morningtides main deck first game. You’re running Wake, hold on, let me get demystifys in the deck. I’d be one happy camper that’s for sure! Heck – I’d win every PTQ I played in.

And now, for his 26th appearance in Pro-Tour Finals… train. Yeah – that’d be the day!

Don’t judges that do this even have a notion this isn’t right? Why are they even judges? They don’t deserve to be if they let someone cheat! Biggest crock in the world has to be playing in a tourney where your opponent is openly cheating, and the judge says he can do so. Actually I’d like to sign up for one of those. I’ll have 15 things in my sideboard. A 12-gauge and 14 shells! There’s 7 rounds of Swiss, I’ willing to bet I’d go 7-0. Talk about Utility!

I would actually take a suspension to handle this situation my way. But I guess I’ll leave it up to the response I get from the DCI. I’m hoping it’s something I’m missing in the rules that allows you to cheat, but every time I read them I keep missing it. Please let me find it, and find it soon. (Heavy Sarcasm intended.)

All of you out there, please know this may be happening in your area. If you find out it is happening, please call 1-888-SHOT-GUN.

Anyone with insight on where this rule might be, please contact me, post, or use a pencil to erase it out of your rules book.

Next Depot’s topic is up in the air – don’t worry it’ll land with a big crash soon!

‘Til then –


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