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Enchant Rant Finale - Prime RED!!!...
By Robert Hilliard
Welcome to the 2nd installment of Red Enchant Rants!

No wasting your time, this time… Let’s get started!

This Enchant Rant is on Enchantments that you activate, or modify characteristics, or game rules…

Aggravated Assault:
It costs 3 to put out, but 5 to use. The benefit for paying 8 mana for the first use – you get to untap all your creatures, and have an additional attack phase. The creatures didn’t have to attack the first time, and this can be done before your first attack. The reason you may want to do this – infinite dragons, mana, squirrels, etc… in Red – not Blue… Blue stinks!… just had to mention that – for those of you that don’t know me yet…

Blood Moon:
A must for any format not type 2, and some type 2s… 3 mana and you don’t have to worry about non-basic lands… bad for anyone not playing red, or enough basic lands… Run this with Land destruction and watch the tears come out or your opponent’s eyes…

For Newbies – this is the Equivalent to having Anger in the graveyard – all your creatures have Haste. Enough said.

Goblin Bombardment:
For 2 mana, this is a must in any red creature deck. You sacrifice a creature to have the bombardment deal 1 damage to target creature or player. Trust me – a point per creature going to the graveyard adds up fast… Also makes someone think twice about Wrath of God… especially when at low life counts.

Hand to Hand:
This is probably one of the most over-looked cards in Magic. With all the tricks out there nowadays, this is worth having in play. For 3 mana(easily splashable), Instants and Activated abilities, can’t be played during the combat phase… no more tricks or games – just straight beat down…

Seismic Assault:
This is probably the best Utility card in the game – or Utility permanent I should say. For 3 red mana, it is a must in any red decks that can slow down – and that’s just about all of them… Discard a land from your hand to activate it, and it deals 2 damage to target creature or player… No more dull draws – everything you draw has the potential to do damage… except another seismic…

And the Greatest Red Enchantment EVER!!!…:

I’m in awe, that WOTC blessed my Magic playing life with such a wonderful card!!!… For 1 red mana(4 to put it into play) I can drop any creature into play, and then do as I please with it – it has Haste. The creature does have to be sacrificed at the end of turn, but it won’t be there anyway… Altar of Dementia drives your opponents to… well… Dementia…

Here’s a list of my Favorites to Sneak:

Serra Avatar – have had first turn kills…
Crater Hellions – clear the boards, then smack
False Prophets – remove all critters from the game – best on opponent’s turn.
Pit Spawn – First strike, remove from Game…
Laquatus’ Champion – lose 6 life, and take 6 – usually a kill card
Symbiotic Wurm – smash for 7, then make 7 1/1’s… perfect with contamination
Symbiotic Beast – ditto, but for 4…
Phyrexian Colossus – 8, nearly unblockable with a hellion before it…
Colossus of Sardia – 9/9 trample
Force of Nature – 8/8 trample
Multani Maro Sorcerer – Phat beats
Phyrexian Dreadnought – play when the others are ready to leave…
Lord of the Pit – beats
Weatherseed Treefolk – they keep coming back…
Shivan Phoenix – ditto…
Shard Phoenix – ditto…
Nicol Bolas
Penumbra Wurm
Scion of Darkness
Silver Seraph
Child of Gaea
Thorn Elemental
Worldgorger Dragon
Devouring Strossus
Endless Wurm

And the list goes on, and on, and on…

Well – as you can tell – I’m fond of Sneak Attack, and Red specifically…

Those are my takes on the Red Enchantments for this time around… The next Enchant Rant will be moving on to Blue… no… no I won’t… Blue ideas of mine do not need be shared with the world… I forbid myself from doing so… and that action is also a Blue card… they’re everywhere – run for your lives… or just get Buehler out of WOTC….

Until next time I write something… May you learn to use the Force… of the Sneaky!


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