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Enchant Rants that hurt: Red
By Robert Hilliard
First thing I’d like to do is apologize – as it has been almost 2 months since my last article… I got really busy with Summer Camp, and a lot of new stuff at work…

But I’m back… Hey – why are you all leaving now?…

Seriously though – Welcome to the first installment of the Red Enchant Rants!…

I’m excited as my favorite color of all time is Red, then White, then Green, then Black… and Blue – well… you all know how I feel about Blue.

I’m going to start of with Red Enchantments that trigger/modify/replace, so buckle up and take notes…

Aether Charge:
A bit expensive for the 4R, but nice in a tribal deck… It deals 4 damage whenever a beast comes into play under your control. Run with Sneak Attack and it’s even more deadly… I’ll pay RR, drop 2 crater Hellions(pretty much clearing the board), deal 8 to you, then swing for 12… Next!…

Aether Flash:
For 4 mana this is a rather effective card. This deals 2 damage to every creature that comes into play. Doesn’t matter from where… If it comes into play it triggers. It is perfect against weenie(non pro-red) decks, and can help you pick off any morphed creature being put into play… great against Exalteds…

Furnace of Rath:
It may be 3-color specific, and a generic mana, but it’s worth it… Double all damage assigned to a creature or player… 1 red mana playing lightning bolt – deals 6 mana when resolving… and it just gets better – Blistering Firecat, morphed, and then bolt – Game Over!… Next!…

For you Spidey – and because I think it’s worth being in this article…
Easily playable, and whenever a player taps a land for mana – this deals 1 damage to them. The only drawback to this – is that they have to tap it for mana… Otherwise – it hurts to do anything!… Only elves and artifact mana get around this one…

Mana Flare:
This is a special card in my heart – yes I have one – though it may seem cold at times – because I used it to make Phat Rock Hydras!… It only costs 3 mana to play, and immediately doubles all the basic mana production… Great for making Phat creatures and playing Dragons on 4th turn… Great for new players to the game – and excellent trade bait(in my area…)

For 4 mana – this is even better than Aether Charge in a Sneak Attack Deck… The drawback is that your opponent gets to use it’s ability on you also… The benefit – dropping 2 Phat creatures with RR(Sneak Attack) and not even having to attack… Krosan Cloudscraper twins anyone?… Next!

Words of War:
For the 3 mana this costs to put out – you can do a little better, but if your opponent is holding a counterspell – this is the best way to smack them… because they can’t counter it… (Stifle is out now, but it’s not a real Magic Card…)

Those are my takes on some of the enchantments out there for use… Remember if you didn’t see your favorite one, I’m not done yet… and there will be a special Scourge/8th Enchant Rant after the normal Enchant Rants… since all my research is pre-8th/Scourge.

Until next time, May you enjoy the coming beats from that Sneak Attack staring you down!…


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