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Contest Entry - Death by Dingus
By Eric Chima
It's everybody's favorite (I wish) message-board poster again: Apollo. For this entry, I though about breaking underused cards like Earthcraft, Yawgmoth's Bargain, and Replenish, but settled instead on
Dingus Staff. Now this is a warning: this idea has been floating around my head for a LONG time. I'm not sure if I originally thought of it; I am afraid I might have read it somewhere. So, if this was your idea and you posted it on a board somewhere, take credit for it.

Anyway, the deck:
4x Dingus Staff
4x Varchild's War Riders
4x Earthquake
2x Fault Line
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Incinerate
4x Shock
4x Seal of Fire
4x Glacial Chasm
4x Mishra's Factory
1x Strip Mine
19x Mountain

The goal of this deck is to drop a staff and a Varchild's War Riders. You allow them to accumulate enough creatures to give you a chance to Earthquake or Fault Line them away and kill them with Staff damage. The burn can allow you to kill of weenies or finish them off if the Quake isn't quite enough. The token creatures may become too much for your defense to handle, so you can lay a Glacial Chasm to hold them off until they have enough creatures to Quake them to death. I originally had Ensnaring Bridge in place of the Chasms, but I found I often was keeping a Quake or Fault Line in my hand, allowing the tokens to attack.

This deck can just leave an opponent shaking their head, and it has a really bizarre win condition. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to:


Eric Chima

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