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Quard's Corner #23 from the Quard's Corner Archive
By Vincent Navarino
Special Announcement: April 1st 1999.
Press Release.

On this April Fool's Day, I am announcing the retirement of the Humor Series knows as Quard's Corner. The final copy of the latest and last Quard's Corner, entitled The Final Curtain Call is being released today to all the popular Magic sites. Now I know there are a lot of people out there that are skeptical that this is not the end of Quard's Corner, I assure you it is. Quard's Corner started in December 1996 and even I was stunned as it quickly grew in popularity. It has been my extreme pleasure in providing, for free a place where Magic and Humor was able to co-exist; a quality work in which I have been always proud to provide to all of you out there. I know there will be countless speculation out there as to why I am ending such a widely popular quality series, so let me share a few things with you.

Yes, I do feel that 1998 will one day be known as The Last Best Year of Magic, but that's not why I'm retiring. I still love the game and with the blunders that WotC continues to do, along with the upcoming 6th edition changes, I sure haven't run out of source material for future Corners... and doing the Corner has always been so easy for me, it's not an effort thing. I'm not sick, except for mentally, but as you all know that never gets in the way. I really can't put why into words, it just feels to me that it's time to hang my hat and take a bow. I'm certainly leaving on top of my game. Will I one day dust off my keyboard and start again? Will this indeed be the end of Quard's Corner forever? No one knows. I really can't say what the future might bring, all I can say that for now, there will be no more Corners.

I'd like to take this time to all my readers out there and let you all know that I am so happy that I have been allowed the pleasure of making you all laugh and snort milk out of your collective noses. It's been an honor serving you.

I blow to you all. Thank you.

Quard, Ferratio and Voices 1-8.

My email remains - feel free to stop by from time to time and say Hi. I'll also still be on IRC from time
to time on #mtg. Cheers!

[Author's note Aug 1st, 2001: Yup, I ended Quard's Corner on April Fool's Day. That's the kind of whacko I am. Would you believe that after I posted this to the websites I received over 300 emails from the readers in a very short time? Wowzers. Anyways, thanks to all of you that recently started posting on the Web, reminiscing fondly about lil old Quard, emailing me and asking about Ferratio and what I'm up to now and all. I have heard a subtle rumor that I will be interviewed on A&E's Biography as well as VH-1's Behind the Music and hope one day to have my fly-head appear on milk cartons across the land. It's good to see that after ending Quard's Corner it's still popular years later. I have no idea whether to show my appreciation by hugging you all or el-kabonging you with my trusty and well-used shovel. Thankies, one and all. I remain as always Quard; and yes, that email address still works, feel free to say Howdy. -Quard]

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