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Monthly Mayhem Tourney Report from Loco...
By Robert Hilliard
Welcome to another 1.5 Tourney report from Po-Dunk, TX.

This tourney was the best one we’ve had yet, and I got to make more rulings than usual. The most interesting thing to happen overall was the amazement of newcomers on what was and wasn’t legal in 1.5. This is the way the evening started:

Names have been altered to protect the identities of the innocent. (Really innocent)

Johnny: Are Shahrazads legal?
Me: Yes.
Johnny: Are you sure the list is right, they’re not on the list.
Me: That’s because they’re allowed.
Johnny: Well, I’m going to run them next time.
Me: Okay.

Johnny then spoke with the Organizer about something…

Almighty: Robert, are Ring of Marufs legal?
Me: Yes.
Almighty: Are you sure, that’s a pretty strong card?
Me: Yes, I’m sure. It works the same as the wishes do now, so it’s not much different. Would you mind connecting to the internet to verify I have the right list? (I had re-typed the list, listing power nine, and ante cards in order to save space on the spreadsheet. Though I knew it was correct – It was better they see it straight from WOTC and the DCI.)
Almighty: Sure. (He proceeds to connect to the net, and I call Johnny over.)
Me: Johnny, would you mind coming over to verify this with Almighty?
Johnny: Not a problem. (Seeming a little doubtful…)

(The connection established and I guided them to the list, and they viewed it over for a few seconds…)

Almighty: They’re not banned.
Johnny: Nope.
Me: *Smug smile…* (I know, I know, the same old egotistical train… “Don’t ever doubt the power of the Loco!…”)

Okay then – on with the rest of the evening.

We had 20 people show up, 3 more than last time, and 8 more than we started with. The prize pot is still 2 packs per person entering, so it hit 40 packs! That’s over a box being given away for a 1.5 tourney!!!… Not bad for Po-Dunk huh?!!!…

All decks were legal – to start with – we’ll get to that in the rulings compilation…

After rules announcements, the cooking timer started and the tourney began:
Q: Can I shock his Goblin before he Reckless Abandons it?
A: No. The Goblin is sac-ed as an additional cost of paying the spell, and before anyone receives priority.
*Reckless Abandon
As an additional cost to play ~this~, sacrifice a creature. ; ~this~ deals 4 damage to target creature or player.

Q: Then why can I do it with a Goblin Grenade?
A: You can’t. The wording on the Grenade is not the Oracle wording. The Grenade has been Errata-ed to make the sac of a goblin, and additional cost to play the grenade.
*Goblin Grenade
As an additional cost to play ~this~, sacrifice a Goblin. ; ~this~ deals 5 damage to target creature or player

Q: Does Temporary Insanity have to target a tapped creature?
A: No. You may target a creature that is untapped. Insanity then does it’s best to untap the creature, but doesn’t have to. The rest of the effect still applies.

Q: When he was trying to Burning Wish for a Lay Waste, it wasn’t in his sideboard. He forgot to de-sideboard between games. What can we do to take the other one out fairly.
*This is the 3rd game, so obviously they’re tied 1-1.
*The sideboard is illegal and has only 14 cards.
*Of course, the deck is no longer it’s original size.
*The opponent and the player wanted to finish the match, and surpass this mistake.
*Knowing that he was wishing for the waste, it is evident this is an honest mistake, and the player was honest about reporting the mis-hap.
A: If there was a way to sufficiently fix this situation, it would be a caution, and we’d do just that. However, to fix this would mean starting the game entirely over. There is not a way to go through the deck and remove the individual card without changing all outcomes from here on out. According to the floor rules, it is a game loss.
*Statements were made about it being unfair, and finding another way to remedy this, but I stood firm.
(I know this is a 16k tourney, and REL 1 is in effect, but even under REL 1, this is a game loss. I’d love to have let them continue and not end the match that way, but it was not feasible. I don’t want to judge in order to come up with my own fixes to outcomes defined by the rules. I want to judge because I enjoy studying those rules and enjoy watching the creativeness of a 1.5 tourney played with Errata, and Stack rules. This is also an experienced player whom cares a lot about his rating. That may have been another reason for the disagreement. He went on to the semi-finals.)

Q: If block with a Ravenous Baloth, and then sac. him to gain the life, do I still die to the combat damage.
A: Yes, you’ll die because you can only gain 4, you’re at 1, so that makes 5, and then you take the 5 from the centaur.

Q: See above – insert Exalted Angel…
A: Ditto, only that the life is not gained until damag eis dealt, which means it waits until after resolution, and you'd die anyway.

Q: If I Pestilence for 1 killing the Hermit Druid, will it kill all the Squirrels?
A: Would you like the long or short version?
Response: Either.
*Pestilence will deal 1 damage to each creature in play, including the squirrels. State-based Effects constantly check game states, and characteristics of permanents. One of the things always checked is the toughness of a creature. If the creature has received lethal damage, that’s damage greater than 0 and greater than or equal to that creature’s toughness, when the State-Based effects are checked, the creature will be destroyed.
*Now, the Damage dealt by Pestilence will remain on the Squirrels until they leave the In-Play zone, or the Cleanup Step occurs, whichever comes first.
*Now, since the Druid creates a continuous effect giving all squirrels +1/+1, when he leaves it leaves.

~Needless to say I got some disgruntled looks, but he Pestilenced for 1…

The Tourney Winning deck was Black/Green Pestilence, over Squirrel Opposition.
Tied for 3rd(4th) were Mono-Black, and Modified Slide Respectively.

Pack distribution was: 20, 10, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, and 1 for 1st through 8th respectively.

Some of the Decks played:

Modified Slide – Used Swords, etc…
B/G Pestilence – Using Morph…
Buried Alive/Sneak Attack – Avatars mainly
Re-Anime Lightning/Firecat – using Diamond Valley, Fling, Firestorm
Killer(Bees) Elves – Fast Mana
Mono-Black, Shadow splashed – Bad moons and All.
Squirrel Opposition – Some Bounce, Laquatus.
Burn(all instants and sorceries) – Ouch!
Flaming Goblin – Grenades, Furnace of Rath
Ravenous Beasts – Big Beasts
Red/Blue – Thieves/Burn
Machine – Flametongues, Duress, Specters
Goblin Horde(very little burn) – All Goblins, maybe 4 Shocks.

Well… This tourney was without 3 Regulars. Maybe after a few months we’ll peak at 30 players for a 1.5 tourney…

Not bad for a Loco from Po-Dunk Texas huh?!!!…

‘Til next time – just remember that Ring of Maruf is 1.5 legal!!!…


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