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Train sings the... Whites?!?
By Robert Hilliard
Hi!, Welcome to another installment of my Enchant-Rants. Today I'll begin focusing on White Enchantments.

As you all should know, White is the color of Defense and Life. One of the greatest aspects of White, is that it is very protective, or helpful with it's Mage, or Permanents. Some of the best Utility cards out there are White Enchantments, not so much for their Utility against other permanents, as for their aid to you. (We all know I'm big on Utility, so I hope you weren't surprised I brought it up...)

Let's start with the CoPs: All 5 of them, and then some...

Circle of Protection: Artifacts - for 2 mana you no longer get bothered by a Cursed Scroll, Masticore, or Jade Statue. Nice for you, not for them.

Circle of Protection: Black - Mono black control's bane. For 1 mana you prevent all damage to you from any Black source. That's right source!... (Works the same for all CoPs...)That means any Black damage dealing spells, enchantments, creatures, or lands - We all know what a Deathlace can do... - is prevented... Nice huh?!

Circle of Protection: Blue - Ditto - except there isn't as much of a reason to play this anymore... and "Blue stinks!"...

Circle of Protection: Green - Perfect against Stompy, or anything that may deal damage in those pesky green decks... (Stormseeker anyone?...) Trample, Outnumbered by insects, squirrels, or elves, so?! - you have the CoP.

Circle of Protection: Red - Now this CoP probably sees more play than any other. We all know how fast Goblins, Haste, and direct damage can be. What better to slap down on turn 2 than a CoP Red? Besides a Solitary Confinement - I'll get to it later.

Circle of Protection: Shadow - Not as used as it could be... Shadow was extremely big in Tempest Block, but since it's faded away, a Wrath of God does the trick... And if you're running CoP Black or White, you don't really need it...

Circle of Protection: White - Used to this stopped Serra from kissing your forehead with her double-edged sword. Nowadays, since there are not many White Weenie Decks out there, This card has lost a lot of it's luster. It would be nice to see someone run these just to stop that darn Dawning Purist... :sarcastic woohoo:

Circle of Solace - Probably one of the most versatile protection sources, useful against creature decks. When it comes into play you choose a creature type. It then prevents the damage from a creature of the chosen type, the next time you'd get beat down.

Those are some of the basic tech cards that are not found in enough of the decks out there...

Break time... Anyone got a Kit-Kat... Im out of change for the vending machine... :rolleyes:

The following cards are more examples of the natural Utility found in White Enchantments.

Energy Storm - Though this card has Cumulative Upkeep {1} Preventing all damage that would be dealt by instant and sorcery spells and/or creatures with flying not untapping during their controller's untap step, seems pretty worth it to me. A little shout out to the new set - and just fo this card - Upwelling!!!... 'Nuff said...

Greater Realm of Preservation - This is basically a CoP offspring. Red and Black got together in their spare time, and brought this into the world. Greater Realm may take more mana to use, but allowing for 3 - 4 more cards in your sideboard is tough to beat. Run base deck with Blue(ick!) Sleights, and let the control commence...

Hidden Retreat - To use it you have to put a card from your hand on top of your library - but so what! You get to prevent all damage from an Instant or Sorcery this turn. You do have to target the spell, but so?!!!... Howling Mine... - if you don't get it, here's your sign...

Rune of Protection: Artifacts - Complete Spin-offs of CoPs - {W}: The next time an artifact source of your choice would deal damage to you this turn, prevent that damage. It's like this for all of them, the only difference is they have Cycling. So you can get rid of them if need be. There are RoPs Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Artifact, and Land.

Solitary Confinement - Boy is this card ever worth it with the right cards - Genesis, Enduring renewal, Angleic Chorus, and Ornithopter!!!...
You can't be the target of spell or abilities, and all damage to you is prevented. All damage. Just take your time setting up properly, and the game should be yours, also - a Null Brooch might be useful...

Opal Titan - I'm going to sneak this one in because it deals with protection, is an enchantment, and becomes a creature that's really cool. "When an opponent plays a creature spell, if Opal Titan is an enchantment, Opal Titan becomes a 4/4 Giant creature with protection from each of that spell's colors. Again, It should be self-explanatory.

Earnest Fellowship -"Each creature has protection from its colors." Two Sentences: REd/White damage/control deck needs to be run. & Earthquake needs to be in it!

Armistice - This is probably one of the most under-played power White Enchantments out there:
For 3WW: You draw a card and target opponent gains 3 life. White - with Card drawing?!!!... Yes!, with Card-drawing. If you own these and are not running them, let me have them. Who cares about an opponent getting 3 life - you're drawing a card, and playing white - and it's not your draw step!!!...

Well I think I'll end on that note for today. Part 2 of Protective Enchantments should be out tomorrow.

'Til then, show us all you learned something, and if you're playing White, stick a few Tech cards in the sideboard or base deck!... If you're not running White - Shame on you!...


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