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Enchant Rant: Once you go Black - Beta Version...
By Robert Hilliard
Okay - This is the part 2 installment of The Black Enchant Rant...

Now there are a lot of different enchantments out there... and the ones I'm going to focus on today are the manipulative ones...

Hold on to your Swamps... Here I go!

Black Market - a Masques rare that makes more and more black mana every time a creature goes to the graveyard... Black is great at getting things in the graveyard, and with the right artifacts, this is downright playing dirty...

Dauthi Embrace - an uncommon from Tempest... for a BB - Target creature gains shadow until end of turn. This right here is a game winner... With a creature stall on the table, this breaks the stall and wins the game... run with Hatred!... and let the Mad beatings commence!...

Deathgrip - an uncommon from the base set. BB: Counter target green spell. For the blue mages out there - this simply needs a little sleight-ing, and U/B is already strong!!!...

Desolation - an uncommon from Visions. At end of turn, each player who tapped a land for mana during that turn sacrifices a land. If a plains is sacrificed this way, it deals 2 damage to that plains' controller. This is downright wrong... land destruction every turn, and for everyone... hope you're not playing white...

Infernal Darkness - an Ice Age rare. Cumulative upkeep, but so what?... If a land is tapped for mana, it produces {B} instead of its normal type and amount. This is perfect for a black lock-down deck... with a little creature army, and life gain of course...

Well, that's about it for today... The next installment will detail 2 deck archetypes - Recurring Nightmare and Last Laugh.

Until then - Let the Infernal Black Market become the Dauthi Deathgrip of Desolation...

Okay - maybe I'm trying a little too hard on those...:rolleyes:


PS - Finals are now over and there will be daily articles pumped out all Summer Long...

Hope to see you reading them!

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