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Enchant Rant: Episode I - Once you go Black...
By Robert Hilliard
You win!!!...

Welcome to Train’s Enchant Rant: Episode I

A little guideline – this is enchantments only… not enchant this, or enchant that, this is for cards of type “Enchantment” – without a subtype. "Global Enchantments" - as Spidey would remind me...

Today I’d like to talk about the Black enchantments out there. I’m sure we all know of a few. We all know of the Mad drawing enchantments -Necropotence, Yawgmoth's Bargain, and a few other enchantments. Black has some of the strongest enchantments out there and I may not list all you can think of... If you think of others - I encourage you to write an article about them, so we'll have more articles on this site...

This rant won't be alphabetical order, heck WOTC doesn't always go in order... when have they ever?...

I'll start with All Hallow's Eve...

All Hallow's Eve - a rare from Legends that uses "time" counters, that once all are removed(and there's only 2...) wakes all the "sleeping" creatures in every graveyard... It's a Living Death for 1 less mana, but is a permanent instead of a sorcery. Extremely nice in multiplayer, good enough in duel - if you're running buried alive, or it's later in the game. Just make sure you Tormod's Crypt your opponents graveyard so their creatures don't come back...(hint, hint)

Conspiracy - a rare from Mercadian Masques(a block I missed most of...) All creatures you control, and all you own are creatures/creature cards of a type of your choosing. This means every elf or merfolk you own could be a zombie! Run in a zombie deck, with other powerful creatures(Visara, Phage, Akroma, Multani, Verdant Force...) all bonuses for creature types get even better. I've mentioned it before and will again -Coat of Arms. If you're running Conspiracy, and not Coat of Arms, please ask the nicest looking girl in your immediate vicinity to slap you! (Then you could say she "hit on you" - right Mindy!...)

Okay - enough talk about women hitting on men - let's talk about Necropotence.

Necropotence - a rare from Ice Age, and almost the most powerful card drawing card in the game. You skip your draw step, but get to Pay 1 life - set aside(remove from the game face down - same difference) the top card of your library, and put it into your hand at end of turn. Drawing as much as you want per turn, and with a Spellbook - getting to keep it all. Not a bad deal. For your Life!!!... (nice pun huh?!)

Yawgmoth's Bargain - a rare from Destiny. Skip your draw step, but you get to pay 1 life, and draw a card anytime you want. That's right, pay 1 life, draw a card. Not wait until end of turn. Not play this ability as a Sorcery. Play this an an Instant. Okay - you have 17 life and 16 cards in deck, your opponent is at 9 life with no cards in hand and tapped out, with nothing to save them. You have an Urza's Rage you're
"dying" to get to, and enough mana to kick it. That should be a no brainer - pay the 16 life, draw your library, and win. Nice huh?!!!...

Contamination - a rare from Saga. Every land tapped for mana produces "B" instead of it's normal type and amount. Ever want to win a game against every other color when you're playing black. Just slap this on the table, with your cycling from graveyard to play creature(Nether Shados, and Nether SPirits work perfectly... hint, hint), and watch your opponent hope you forget to pay the upkeep. If you don't win against a non-black deck with this in play - here's your sign.

Engineered Plague - The bane of all tribal decks(not running Coat of Arms)... Each creature of a chosen type, chosen when this comes into play, gets -1/-1... foooooorrrrrreeeevvvvvvveerrrrr...
Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, kobolds, skeletons, zombies, merfolk, birds, rats, saprolings, squirrels - they all,pretty much, bite the dust. A perfect base deck - yes base deck card, if you play in creature heavy tournaments. In fact if you're not running this in at least the sideboard, and you're running Black, go ahead and give up your Magic collection now... My address is...

I touched on a few Black enchantments, and the next article will have more. Hope you enjoyed this installment.

‘Til next time, may your Contaminated Plague Bargain it's way through a Conspiracy of Necropotent Magic players, on All Hallow's Eve!...


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