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Abundant Oath - Continuing with Enchantments...
By Robert Hilliard
Welcome back! Today I'd like to talk about 2 specific deck types. The ever-popular "Abundant" deck, and "Oath". These 2 decks are fueled by Enchantments. You know, the topic of this series...

Here's the details on the 2 cards making up the deck archetypes(courtesy of

Color= Green Type= Enchantment Cost= 2GG (R)
(errata-ed): If you would draw a card, you may instead choose land or nonland and reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card of the chosen kind. Put that card into your hand and put all other cards revealed this way on the bottom of your library in any order.

Oath of Druids
Color= Green Type= Enchantment Cost= 1G (R)
Text (errata-ed): At the beginning of each player's upkeep, if that player controls fewer creatures than any of his or her opponents, the player may reveal cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals a creature card. The player puts that card into play and all other cards revealed this way into his or her graveyard.

Let's start off with Abundance... Mainly the card was used to make sure you didn't get stuck drawing lands. It allowed you to decide what you'd draw(card-wise). Have enough land already? Have an Abundance in play? You probably said non-land every draw after that. And got to more useful cards than Forests...

Abundance was strong in sanctioned play, but was not a tier 1 card as WOTC would say - meaning it was not used in the championship decks. It actually was a great multiplayer and casual play card. It allowed your deck to help you insted of stall you.

A note to everyone out there - This card has improved versatility with the following: Threshold, Flashback, and Incarnations. For casual play - this may not be something that has been thought about, but it does interact well with all those abilities. Don't you think?...

Okay - go ahead and grab your pretzel for snack, and come back in a moment.
How was it?...

Okay - now, we'll discuss "Oath".

If you were running an Oath deck or have seen one in action - it is probably the green Oath that's being played. Maybe the Black one, but probably Green.

Oath became a tier 2 card in a lot of decks. The ability to go get a creature for free, was just to tempting to, well..., everyone! Tons of people were playing it. It worked against land destruction and control. It worked with Fatties, Stompy, and Semi-Creatureless. The one thing I see it working best in, Replenish.

Oath could basically mill your entire library of enchantments, only to have them all brought back by Replenish. Throw in an Opalescence and you're set to win the game. The greatest thing about Oath, is that it costs only 2 mana to play. If your deck can't afford a Green and a colorless mana, you've got some serious issues.

Well, that's about all for those 2 Enchantments.

'Til next time, may your Oath be to romp the opponent, and your wins in Abundance...


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