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Enchant Rant: Episode IV, yes I know that's IV...
By Robert Hilliard
Welcome to Train’s Enchant Rant: Episode IV

A little guideline – this is enchantments only… not enchant this, or enchant that, this is for cards of type “Enchantment” – without a subtype. (As in "Global Enchantments", right? -Spidey)

Today I’d like to talk about the Green enchantments out there. I’m sure we all know of a few. Sylvan Library, City of Solitude, Aluren, Choke and Earthcraft all come to mind. And all those will be discussed. What I want to hit on mostly, are those that make a big difference in a game.

We’ll go in alphabetical order to make it easy for all of those Kindergarten surfers out there(I recently found out my daughter(1st grade, and a sweetie), surfs the web in her class at school).

The A’s – Yes I do know the alphabet starts with A…

Aluren – a rare from Tempest, that made a huge splash for green decks with cheap creatures. Anything that was a creature card, with a Converted Mana Cost of 3 or less, could be played as an instant, and without paying it’s mana cost. Needless to say, Elves, and Survival became very dangerous to those decks that used to control them turn by turn. And with Coat of Arms coming out in the same block – things just got worse.

Awakening – a rare from Stronghold(still Tempest block), made casual games last quite a bit longer, and the strategy a little deeper. All creatures, untapped, every turn. Meekstone wasn’t very effective with this in play.

Sorry, no B’s…

The C’s:

Choke – Ah… the uncommon, God’s against Blue card. This card made Blue players hold onto counters if they knew you had green in the deck. A green stasis for Islands was all that green needed to stop a Stasis, Merfolk, Draw-Go, or U/W control deck. And in the top 20 of enchantments, at least, according to Train.

City of Solitude – Even Stronger than Choke! This card beat every other deck that was running instants that were usually played on your own turn. Back then, there were still interrupts, and this shut those down. Believe it or not, this stopped lands from tapping for mana, and mana sources from being played for a time.

No D’s…
1 – E:

Earthcraft – If you haven’t been around for a while, this thing made infinite loops even more powerful. And is now restricted in type 1 because of how strong it really is when combo-ed with another card.

1 – F – This is starting to sound like a report card isn’t it?…

Fastbond – No if you don’t know about how Fastbond works, is it worth 1 life per land, to put extra land into play? If you answered yes, this is your card. Talk about mana advantage, now all you need is the Howling mine.

No G’s…
2 – H’s:

Hidden Gibbons and Hidden Herd – With the gibbons – it comes out with 1 Green mana, and if your opponent plays an instant, it becomes 4/4 creature. Not smart if you have them, to play without them… As for the Herd – It takes only 1 Green mana to put out, and is a 3/3 if your opponent plays a non-basic land. What are the chances of that happening?… Trust me, the odds are in your favor…

Skipping to the R’s – since I never learned the alphabet anyhow…

Recycle – just about the most efficient card drawer out there. When run with Aluren, and cheap creatures, deadly. For every card you play, you draw a card. That includes lands!… Yes, your hand size is reduced to 2, but you don’t care about hand size!…

Now the S’s:

Survival of the Fittest – Pay 1 Green mana, discard a creature card, and go fetch a creature card from my library, and bring it to my hand. Ahhh… the days of Living Death, and Reanimator. Survival is good in any green Utility or Fatty deck…

Sylvan Library – Drawing 2 extra cards per turn, and choosing 1 of the 3 to keep is good. But being able to pay 4 or 8 life, to keep an additional 1 or both of the extra cards, is mad card advantage. Especially when green can gain life. Especially when Green’s ally color is White, which also gains life. And even when the other ally is Red, and you’re looking for that extra card to pull off the kill. Staple… (Also good with Abundance, a green enchantment not mentioned in the A's above... - Spidey)


Titania’s Song – This enchantment became the backbone to a deck archetype called “Prison”. Basically you let your opponents do whatever they wanted. Then you wrath of God, or Armageddoned their resources, and used artifact mana to put this into play. All of a sudden, you’re the only one with an army on the table. Even better with City of Solitude in Play.

And lastly, the W’s:

Words of Wilding – This card is new to the scene, but will quickly become a staple in decks running creatureless, and card advantage. It’s not expensive to use, especially with Howling Mine. Getting a 2/2 creature every turn and drawing, just doesn’t get any better. Well maybe an artifact like Phyrexian Processor… but it’s not an Enchantment is it?!!!…

That’s the spill of it for Green Enchantments making a big difference… kind of reminds me of that “Slime” from Nickelodeon…

‘Til next time, may you enchant(ment) your way to victory…

Kind of lame huh?!… Okay, just slime me Mark!


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