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Something Worth Kicking... and I don't mean WOTC..
By Robert Hilliard
Well... maybe WOTC's worth Kicking. Who knows?!...

Welcome back to Soap Box Central. You know, here at SBC(nice pun huh?!...), we like to kick stuff around. Expecially Magic Cards.

Today I'd like to discuss some spells with kicked abilities that make them worth playing. Okay, so one of these will be a permanent, but it's involved with the Kicker ability.

Again - these are great late game cards in most instances.

Off we go:

Agonizing Demise - a RB4cc, dark banishing, smack someone type of spell. Not only is this a great 2 for 1 card, it's not that expensive if you hit the right creature. And we all know that there will be plenty of late game fatties out there.

Breath of Darigaaz - a R3cc, earthquake for 4. And cheaper by 1 mana. Let's face it, most creatures out there, that we see on a day-to-day basis are around a 4 toughness. Run this with your Blastoderms, or Phantom Nishobas, and live it up.

Canopy Surge - a G3cc, cousin of Hurricane, this gets rid of those pesky birds and drakes popular in tribal or blue decks. And it deals 4 for 1 cheaper than Hurricane.

Hypnotic Cloud - a B5cc, discard 3 cards. Talk about major hand disruption. And outright wrong with green decks and a Mirari. Megrim... no thanks - I'll scoop.

Jilt - a UR2cc, bounce a creature and deal 2 dmg. to another creature, is not bad for one card. And we all know this is played to pave the way for a mean Lightning Angel.

Orim's Chant - a WWcc, you can't play spells or attack 1 turn bomb! Run in a deck with 4 Abeyances and land destruction and they'll never be the same. You may even be sent a therapy bill from the asylum your opponent is hauled off to!

Orim's Thunder - a WR2cc, Destroy an Artifact or Enchantment, and smack a creature for the cc of said item, is not a bad idea. Play that Mirari now...

Overload - a R2cc, destroy an artifact with cc no greater than 5. Not bad - but what's even better is the ability without kicker. Use that howling mine, or kill that winter orb, before your opponent has any say, as you can destroy any artifact with cc no greater than 2. Cursed Scroll comes to mind.

And last(doesn't being last just hoover), but extremely nice in the Invasion block:

Saproling infestation - an enchantment worth playing, no matter what the cost, because you get to put a 1/1 saproling token into play anytime the Kicker is paid. Even if the spell is later countered. Coat of Arms anyone?!...

I just had to throw that in for those of you that know me...

Next I'll be starting a series on Enchantments.

'Til then, may your kicking not involve cow patties...


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